How to keep your shower screens clean – Vileda Magical Review


Whenever dad and I changed washers in a shower for a client, I would always be asked

Do you know what can get rid of those watermark stains on my shower screen?’

Dad would offer suggestions like CLR or Windex.

I’d tried these myself with not much success on deep watermark stains.

It was a question I wanted to know the answer to because when Jacob and I bought our new home 5 years ago, I wanted to keep our shower screens as clear as possible. I wanted something that I could spray on the shower screens to prevent the buildup of lime scale and water film over time. Any kind of marks on a shower screen ages the bathroom and makes it look dirty.

When I saw that Nuffnang offered the opportunity to review a product that could prevent watermarks on my shower screens, I wanted in not just for my interest, but for yours and my clients’ as well.

Vileda Magical is a water repellant spray that prevents dirt and water marks in your bathroom and stops fog building up on glass, showers and mirrors. The spray creates a clear film on the glass so when the bathroom becomes steamy, no fog will form on the glass and it allows the water to drip off easily in the shower.

Vileda Magical 450

I put Vileda Magical to the test by spraying it on my shower screens and mirrors. To apply it, you need to clean the screens and mirror first to get rid of any marks. I usually use Windex. I found Windex to be the best window cleaner when it comes to removing basic smears and soap scum marks. I am slowly getting through a bulk bottle of it. Vinegar is also great on shower screens and will remove most marks. Some shower screens get a heavy buildup of lime scale and calcium and it can be difficult to get rid of these. Your local hardware store may offer a commercial cleaning solution that may be able to get rid of these marks.

Once the screens and mirrors are clean, spray Vileda Magical all over the surface and wipe away using the magical cloth that is provided with the bottle. The spray is wiped easily and doesn’t leave a residue. To prolong the duration of the water repelling effect, increase the amount of spray on the surface.

Vileda Magical SHower Screen1

When it came time to shower, my shower screen stayed completely fog free – as did the mirror. The only water that was on the shower screen was what was splashed from me. After two days though, the shower screens did start to fog up but not as heavy as before I used Vileda Magical. I only lightly sprayed the shower screens, so this may be why the fog repelling effect didn’t last for longer. The mirror didn’t fog at all after each and every shower.

One week later, the shower screens were looking fairly clear. When I went to clean them in my weekly bathroom cleaning routine, they were so easy to clean. No scrubbing and no need for much Windex to remove any soap marks as there were none. It made cleaning the bathroom easier. The mirrors didn’t need touching.

I’ve sprayed the shower screens in our main bathroom (which hardly gets used) to protect them from future use. The spray can also be used on tiles and taps to prevent them going cloudy with watermarks and dirt.

To see Vileda Magical in action, check out this clip to see how it is applied and how it works. Of course if you want to keep your shower screens fogged up for privacy… don’t use Vileda Magical.

If you have a new shower screen, I would be spraying it with Vileda Magical to prolong the life and visibility through the screen.

The spray is available at Woolworths and Big W for $9.99. For occasional giveaways and new information, check out the Vileda Magical Facebook page.

Do you have trouble keeping your shower screens clean? What do you use to clean your showers and mirrors?

I was sent a bottle of Vileda Magical for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own and this post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.