How to Organise Under a Kitchen Sink Cupboard With Limited Space

Under the Kitchen Sink Cupboard When There is Limited Space

This post has been written in collaboration with Fusion-Loc

Pinterest is a trove of inspiration on how to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard.

While the images are ‘pretty’, they aren’t the most practical and the majority don’t take into consideration the plumbing underneath your sink.

All storage options placed under the kitchen sink cupboard should be easily removed so a plumber can effortlessly access the pipes when needed.

If the kitchen sink has a separate boiling and chilled filtered water tap, the space in the cupboard can be limited.

kitchen sink undercupboard storage

I have a Zip Hydrotap and the appliance takes up half the space under kitchen sink. Proper air circulation must be provided for Boiling and Chilled water units to ensure it operates correctly. This means I have to have a minimum clearance of a 50mm air gap either side and 300mm above the undersink unit.

air clearance around zip hydrotap
Air Clearance around Zip Hydrotap

This has meant I’ve had to think vertically with my organising solutions.

Organise Under the Kitchen Sink

Tips on how to organise under the kitchen sink when there is limited space

The two tips I have when organising under your kitchen sink when you have limited space are:

Keep it minimal

Most people keep their cleaning products under the kitchen sink. I don’t. I keep them on the top shelf of my pantry to ensure no child can ingest them. It’s a habit I’ve kept since I had my babies and even though my girls are older, my habit is a hard one to break.

Some products, like my dishwashing detergent and dishwasher tablets, are now stored under the sink. If you don’t have young kids, keeping your cleaning products to a minimum will ensure you don’t have to store so much underneath.

TIP: Do a full clean out and only keep what you use. Chuck away anything out of date or hasn’t been used for a very long while.

Think outside the square

As I only have half my cupboard space to work with, I’ve had to get creative and put storage solutions on the inner wall and door of my kitchen cupboard. I have used accessories from Fusion-Loc to organise my kitchen sink cupboard.

Fusion-Loc accessories

The suction utility hook is ideal for hanging items like the dust pan and broom, and other utensils I store under the kitchen sink like our fly swat and gloves.

Fusion-Loc on door

The shower caddy is the perfect size for holding the dishwashing detergent and brush.

Under the Kitchen Sink Cupboard When There is Limited Space

What makes these storage options ideal is they are away from the plumbing and can be easily removed without damaging the surface of my cabinetry wall and door. Just make sure your door can close with your items hung off the door. Measure a clearance on the door so you can fit the Fusion-Loc accessories holding your items, as needed.

Fusion-Loc Under the Kitchen Sink Cupboard When There is Limited Space

Many under sink cupboards will have varied plumbing installations and the organisation tips will need to be adjusted to suit.

For other storage options, I have this plastic drawer from Bunnings which holds more gloves and dishwashing tablets. The basket on top holds other dishwashing brushes, a water spray (to water our indoor plants) sponges, all tools needed to service the Zip Hydrotap and the Fusion-Loc Suction Pump.

basket underneath kitchen storage

It’s a good idea to also store any allen keys that your plumber may need to use to service your kitchen mixer tap.

fusion-loc Under the Kitchen Sink Cupboard When There is Limited Space

Fusion-Loc accessories will be found in the bathroom accessories section of Bunnings. As you can see here, they can be used in other areas of the home too.

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Disclosure: This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy. I was gifted Fusion-Loc products for the purpose of this post.