Laundry Trends for 2018

laundry trends for 2018

The laundry has come a long way from being the small concealed room at the back of the house. The laundry has now become another room to make over – a space where personal style can be added. It’s also becoming a room that can offer multiple uses if the space allows. Here are some of the laundry trends for 2018, and some advice from myself in relation to the plumbing.

laundry trends for 2018 with plumbing advice

A sink, tub or bowl? And plumbing considerations

Gone are the days where a typical laundry would look like this. (it’s ok if you still have this as I still do too)

It’s becoming popular for sinks to be used as the main laundry tub, having it inset into the benchtop with a dedicated cover. For smaller laundries, where bench space is minimal, smaller bowls are being used as the laundry tub, with a cover to allow for extra bench space (we saw this design on The Block last year). From a mother’s point of view, a bigger sink or tub is better than a smaller bowl where clothes can’t be soaked. But if the washing machine has a soak function, the smaller bowl may be worthwhile for extra bench space.

The washing machine waste pipes are now being concealed behind cabinetry, to avoid the hoses from being on display. Approved fittings allow for this type of installation, but your plumber will know if they are approved by the local authorities as each town has their own rulings on what can or can’t be installed, even if the item is a watermarked and approved fitting. Ensure the hot and cold water lines are connected to flood stop valves so the flow of water will be stopped should a hose blow off or burst.

Mixers and spray mixers are the trending tapware in laundries. The extra force allows for easy rinsing of clothes and makes the laundry look more contemporary.

Colours and materials

Black and white will always be popular, but timber and all shades of grey will also be sought when choosing cabinetry and bench tops. Timber benchtops are still a favourite bench material in the laundry. In fact, it’s one of the better spaces to have timber as most of the ‘wet’ activities are done in the washing machine. Timber also works well with a monochromatic palette.


Uniformed look

Whatever materials are used in the kitchen, will be replicated in the laundry. This is a great move so there is uniformity in the house. It also saves time in choosing new finishes for another room.


Energy efficient and space saving

Washer and dryer combos help save space in the laundry and will be more popular than having the two stand alone appliances. There will be less wall mounted appliances, with most being accessed at floor level. This allows for shelving or cupboards above for extra storage.


Extra features

With a focus on energy saving appliances, many will opt for a drying cupboard. A drying cupboard requires a vent on the floor and in the ceiling. It’s important to decide on a drying cupboard at the design stage so the vents and space can be allowed for.


Consider how else the laundry room can be used. If it’s a big space, it could be turned into a mud room, craft room, or it could be segregated off a guest bathroom.

Storage is key

No matter the size of the laundry, storage will be the biggest consideration as you can never have too much storage in a laundry. Especially if you have a large family or an active or new family (hello baby) that churns through a bit of washing. The laundry can be the designated area to store cleaning products, cleaning equipment and linens.

Not everyone has a home that has space for a dream laundry, but investing in some of the key features and trends above, could see the laundry become a much better useable space than in the past.

Which laundry trends for 2018 are your preferred style? If your laundry was a well styled space, would you spend more time in there?