My gripe about plumbing supplier contradictions


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that my mantra is to always use a licensed plumber for all your plumbing jobs around the home. Google it seems isn’t the only culprit in assisting the homeowner to do their own plumbing; our plumbing suppliers are as much to blame too.

On Friday, dad and I had to pick up some fittings from a popular plumbing supplier. While I was at the counter, an older woman was being served next to me with an iPhone in hand showing pictures of a shower that she needed to hook up and the assistant behind the counter was only too happy to give her what she needed and explain how the fittings were to be installed.  Apparently she was giving the fittings to her plumber to install for her. I wasn’t sure why the plumber wasn’t getting the gear themself to save the woman the hassle of explaining what she needed?? And what was the assistant doing giving plumbing advice when he wasn’t licensed himself?

While this was unfolding, I saw a brochure of the supplier running a competition for plumbers to send in photos of illegal plumbing for a chance to win some cash and tools. What a contradiction. Here they wanted to see photos of illegal plumbing and yet they were explaining to a woman how to install her shower and selling her the fittings to do it.

This makes me agro. How many times do I have to type it and how many times do I have to say it? Plumbing is a licensed trade. If you’re not licensed, don’t do it. It’s illegal. You are breaking the law. And our plumbing suppliers should be supporting this and not counteracting it.

This brings me to write about Plumbers Choice which will only supply plumbing gear to licensed plumbers. All plumbing suppliers and home and hardware retailers should be making the same call. And their margin share wouldn’t drop, because instead of home owners buying their gear, it would be licensed plumbers.


You see I am passionate about doing right by the customer. And a customer is their own worst enemy if they attempt to do their own plumbing or get a handy man brother or father-in-law in to do it for them.

I hate being the bearer of bad news to a client when they need something fixed and the quote gets blown out of their budget because they have had illegal plumbing done that needs to be rectified.

And then I get told plumbers are expensive. Well so are doctors and lawyers . But I’m not about to give myself an operation or represent myself in court.

There are so many houses and buildings around Australia that are ticking plumbing bombs and it won’t be until the inevitable happens before anything is picked up or even done about it.

And then someone will need to be blamed when it does go wrong and insurance claims will be knocked back because the plumbing was done incorrectly and those lawyers that are expensive will come in handy.

We need to be fair dinkum about illegal plumbing and it needs to be followed through and supported by our plumbing suppliers.

My gripe about plumbing supplier contradictions is over.

Do you think plumbing suppliers should stop selling plumbing fittings to the unlicensed? What are your thoughts?