The Misconception About Water Use on a Restricted Shower Head – PLUS a Giveaway

Restricted Shower Head

My post on rain shower heads was a popular one. Some of you were intrigued about how they worked and others of you have used one, but recommend having a hand shower as well. It is surprising that such a large spray could still meet a flow of 9 litres per minute.

Water restricted shower heads get a bad rap by plumbers and customers alike. The water pressure can feel like a light spray or trickle, which can be deemed useless when washing and rinsing. Especially getting shampoo out of thick hair like mine. I like a decent pressure for my shower.

shower trickle

My dad and I always argued you’d use less water with an unrestricted shower head, than one with a restrictor in it.  And we weren’t the only ones to think that way.

When I headed to the Plumbing and Gas Conference last year, Ian from Con-Serv put me straight by saying we didn’t use less water if we used an unrestricted shower head and complied to a 4-minute shower. In fact, you could have a longer shower with restricted shower head and still use less water. When Ian explained the basic math, it made sense to me. I asked Ian to share with me why using a restricted shower head longer still uses less water than an unrestricted shower head for a shorter amount of time.

The question is resolved with basic maths…..

A normal unrestricted showerhead ( average size or more for the larger rain style) or a WELS shower with the flow control removed uses between 18 to 22 litres of water per minute (LPM).

So say 20 Lpm x 8 minutes (average shower) = 160 L total.

WELS 3 Star Shower which is no more than 9 Lpm x 8 minutes= 72 L total.

Typical comment “I have to stand in there twice as long to wash myself”. Sixteen minutes is a looong time to stand in a shower, but still, 9 Lpm x 16 minutes = 144 L total. So stand in there twice as long and still save 16 Litres of water per shower.

Where some problems lie is that whilst WELS 3 star rating has a flow rate and coverage test (mean angle spray test), there is no force of spray test and as such, some of the showers that are designed to deliver 18+ Lpm have had a flow control stuck in the back of them to deliver 9 Lpm but the water just “falls out” with little impact on the skin. A bit like putting a four cylinder motor into a semi-trailer, these are the showers that many people have issues with and rightly so.

So remember when in QLD the government offered water saving shower heads? Dad and I replaced so many of them, because the water pressure was so poor.

If you want a decent shower head that complies to the WELS 3 Star flow rate as well as deliver a decent pressure, you need to spend a few extra dollars on brands that have created shower heads with the pressure in mind, while still meeting the WELS litre rating.

Con-Serv shower heads have been specifically designed to deliver a good spray and good coverage at the WELS 3 star flow rate. Their most popular shower head is the Streamjet model.

con-serv stream jet shower
Con-Serv Stream Jet 300mm Shower Head

While having a hand shower and rain shower head are the trends in showers, a simple chrome shower rose is what most people use when they shower. Multiple shower heads are great, but they can add extra expense to a bathroom renovation. The standard all-directional shower rose offers a minimal look and is the most popular to use. Here are a few bathrooms to give you inspiration.

In my own ensuite, I don’t have a hand shower. We have a double shower with two standard shower roses. Sadly they are not Con-Serv, but the pressure is fairly good on both.


If you want to experience a shower that meets the rating but delivers a good spray and coverage, Ian has kindly offered for one reader of The Plumbette to win a  Streamjet Shower Head with a retail value of $141.90. It’s one of the most popular shower heads by Con-Serv.

con-serv stream jet shower

In order to be in the running for the prize, you need to follow The Plumbette on Facebook (not compulsory), and comment below telling me how you proactively save water. The most interesting answer will win the prize.

Disclosure: I haven’t been gifted anything for the purpose of this post, however I have been gifted product in the past in regards to the Whisper Flood Stop Valve

Congratulations Renee Harwood, Winner of this Competition.

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