A Missing Plumbing License And an Unexpected Corkscrew

plumbing license and unusual mother's day gift

Over a month ago I paid to renew my plumbing license for 3 years. Last year plumbing licenses changed so all those who completed their apprenticeship would receive their open plumbing license. This means I no longer have a provisional license and saves me having to renew it every year.

Of course there was a form to fill out which had to be emailed to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. I also opted for a 3 year license mainly because that’s what I could afford to pay at the time.

My license expired on the 1st of May, and last week, as we were nearing the end of the month, I hadn’t seen my license. Despite paying for it at the beginning of April.

I rang the office and was on hold for 20 minutes. I got a new staff member who kindly told me all the payments I had ever made to the QBCC.  It was unhelpful.  He could give me no clarification on where my license was or if it had been sent out.

I explained I couldn’t work without my license as it expired in a couple of days. Thank goodness I haven’t been on the tools, but if I had, and I didn’t have my license, I could have been fined. He advised he’d get another staff member to call me the next day.

Last Friday by lunchtime I still hadn’t had a call from the QBCC, so I called them. With Monday being a public holiday, and also the day my plumbing license was due to expire, there was no way I was going to get my license before then.

I was told the QBCC system had a glitch and my license and it’s forms got lost, but they had my payment and my license would be sent the following week.

Yesterday I got my license in the mail.

plumbing license

If I hadn’t followed up my license, I would still be without it now. I’m glad I wasn’t distracted enough to forget to chase it up.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a smooth transaction when renewing my license. I’m not sure if it’s just me or whether it’s an experience felt by other license holders.  Nevertheless, I got my license and that’s all that matters.

Distractions have definitely been much needed this week as we still come to terms with no Bentley in our house.

We still have dog poo to pick up in the backyard and we’ve still kept Bentley’s water bowls in place because I just can’t bear to put them away.

I’ve had a few pats and cuddles with Bentley’s sister, Penny, who my parents own. Thank you to all of you who left messages on Facebook and Instagram. Some of you know exactly how we’re feeling because you’ve experienced a similar loss yourself. In the scheme of things, we didn’t lose a human relative, but our pets do take up a space in our hearts. And it’s not the same in our house without them.

As a way to distract me from the sadness of missing Bentley, I’ve been busy with writing work. I’ve been working late at night which has meant I’ve been getting little sleep. Hopefully I can make up for lost zz’s on Mother’s Day.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, when did discount stores offer risqué products? I was flipping through all the junk mail catalogues for Mother’s Day, and while I was flicking through The Reject Shop catalogue, I came across The Ultimate CorkScrew.

corkscrew in catalogue


the ultimate corkscrew

Didn’t expect to see that amongst the suggestions for Mother’s Day Gifts. I showed Jacob and he suggested it would make a great accompaniment with last year’s Mother’s Day gift from Esther – my wine glass with the big eye balls.

I hope it didn’t give him any ideas… but it certainly made us laugh, even if it was a little rude.

Over to you, how has your week been? Ever had to chase up something you’ve paid for? Been surprised by what’s on offer for Mother’s Day gifts in the shops?