What You Need to Know About Wall Hung Vanities

wall hung vanities

Wall hung vanities are a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms. They appeal to many and can fit in with many interior styles as they can create the illusion of space.

They can also be easy to clean underneath, although a vanity that sits on the floor removes the need to clean under it. And depending on how low the vanity floats, will determine whether the space underneath becomes a house for dust and hair.

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While they are a great option to create a modern aesthetic in your bathroom, there are some points to consider when choosing this style of vanity.

Here are 5 things you need to know when choosing wall hung vanities

1. Decide on if you want a wall hung vanity before demo begins

Before the bathroom renovation or new build begins, your builder and plumber will need to know at the start whether you are choosing to use a wall hung or floor standing vanity.

2. Give specs and measurements to your builder and plumber

Once you’ve decided on a wall hung vanity, you need to tell the builder the measurements of the vanity and how high you would like it to be installed. The measurements are important for the builder to ensure the studs are in the wall to hold and float the vanity off the floor.

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3. Consider the waste – it must come through the wall, not the floor.

The waste will need to come through the wall and not the floor. This is why your plumber needs to know the size of the vanity and necessary height and width measurements so the water and waste pipes can be installed accordingly in the wall. If the services come through the floor, they can be boxed in but this removes the illusion of the vanity floating off the floor.

4. You will have less storage

A wall hung vanity will have less storage space than a floor standing vanity. The wall hung vanity can be made longer to accommodate more storage space, but you may need to consider adding shelves if storage is an issue.

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5. Consider pipe materials if you opt for a floating shelf vanity

For exposed shelving, use a bottle trap to conceal the waste. You can also use chrome pipework, but this will add dollars to your renovation. Talk to your plumber for advice on a visual pleasing, yet affordable approach.

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Wall hung vanities are a great look, but planning is paramount to get the execution right.

Are you a fan of wall hung vanities? What type of vanity do you have in your bathroom?