Open Shelf Vanity Units – Bathroom Trend 2017

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Open Shelf Vanity Units – Bathroom Trend 2017

The minimalist movement is set to infiltrate interiors as people embrace the simpler lifestyle of living with less. One area of the house that the minimalist movement is probably the easiest to embrace is in the bathroom. Open shelf vanity units are the quickest way to jump on board with this trend.

Many renovators are opting for a sleeker, open shelf style vanity as opposed to the bulkier vanities seen in the past. Wall hung vanities or floating vanities are a popular choice as they create an illusion of space in the bathroom.

Choosing the right vanity is important not necessarily for what is on trend, but what suits your lifestyle.

While a plank of wood topped with some vessel basins may look incredibly chic, it’s impractical for a family bathroom where the volume of toiletries are at a maximum as it’s the bathroom that is used most often.

Opt for a longer vanity with slimmer drawers or cabinets, should the space allow it, for more storage. But if you truly want to embrace this trend in all bathroom areas, here are some tips you need to know.

What You Need to Know About Open Shelf Vanity Units

1. Be mindful that open shelf vanities are a target for young children to rearrange and empty.

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2. Consider alternate storage solutions for bath and beauty products. There are a number of ways to add storage to the bathroom though the integration of concealed cabinets behind mirrors or a wall cavity that can shelve products. Even baskets slid underneath can act as extra storage, while adding texture and colour to your bathroom.

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3. A bottle trap will need to be used for most open shelved vanities. It’s important for the plumber to know measurements of the vanity, height for installation and whether a bottle trap is to be installed because these measurements will been needed for the rough in.

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4. Timber vanities do require ongoing care to keep them looking their best. Make sure the slab of timber has enough surface area if there is limited storage.


5. The open shelves will collect dust so be prepared to dust as needed.

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Are you a fan of open shelf vanity units? Are you anal about storage?