Plumbers Make Mistakes!


On Monday, dad and I fixed a leak under a sink in a house at Shailer Park. Unfortunately the client had got a water filter tap installed into her kitchen sink and the tradesman who connected the tap didn’t install it as per plumbing standards. She had seen him advertising his product at the Chandler markets. The tradesman advised that the leak was not his fault and must have been there before he installed the water filter system. But if he was a plumber, he would have been able to fix the leak straight away. But he wasn’t a plumber so he couldn’t.


If the price of installing a water filter or any fixture in your house sounds too good to be true, then it is. If you get this person to install anything in your house, there is no warranty on the installation and should anything go wrong you won’t be covered by insurance because it’s deemed as an illegal installation. All plumbing works must be installed by a licensed plumber. Also, you will always have to pay more money to get a licensed plumber to fix up the problem so you end up spending more money on something than if you had engaged with the right licensed trade in the first place.


We re-plumbed the water filter in properly with a pressure limiting valve so that the pressure entering the water filters would be reduced so that the water line wouldn’t blow out of the filter causing a major flood in the house.


We left the client happy that the leak had been fixed and water filter tap connection was installed correctly.


Then I got a call today to say that the dishwasher had a fault because there was no water connected to it. In the process of fixing the leak and reinstalling the dodgy water filter installation I had forgot to reconnect the water feed to the dishwasher hose. Doh!


The problem meant I had to proactively think on my toes on who to get to hook the water up because my dad had just stepped on a plane to go to New Zealand for the Easter break. I had a sick 20 month old and it was too last minute to find someone to look after her plus I couldn’t put her car seat in the ute, so I rang through my list of reliable plumber contacts and by the fourth call, I was able to get a plumber to fix up my stuff up.


Sadly, this job has now cost me money because of a simple mistake, but this client has used us before and the fact that I was able to get a plumber to her within the hour to get it fixed means that next time she needs a plumber, I will hopefully be the first one she calls.