Retractable Mixer Taps – Why They’re a Popular Tap For The Kitchen

retractable sink mixer taps

Choosing the right kitchen mixer can be a daunting task when there are so many to choose from. Some clients prefer a standard, no fuss kitchen mixer that is easy to clean, does the job and is cheap on the budget.

But as people become more accustomed to cooking at home and with the kitchen now becoming the family hub of the home, there has been a push towards modern styling and cutting edge design when it comes to the appliances and taps in the kitchen.

One way to make your kitchen stand out is to have a designer mixer. The retractable mixer is definitely becoming a more popular style of kitchen mixer as there are many benefits for its use in the kitchen.

Not only is the mixer grand to look at, it is also practical.

Oliveri Retractable Mixer

Retractable mixers can easily fill buckets and pots of water. The handle can rinse food and veggies, providing a dual spray depending on the application.

Cleaning becomes more efficient and a lot easier with the retractable mixer as the spout can reach all areas of the sink and it can easily rinse and wash dishes and larger pots and pans that can be hard to rinse with a standard kitchen mixer.

Retractable sink mixers are an expensive purchase for a kitchen tap. Most basic retractable mixers start from $500.

It’s also important to choose a retractable mixer that isn’t too big for your kitchen sink and space.

The coil style retractable mixers can be hard to clean and over time it does age with watermarks. These mixers are more suited to commercial kitchens, but some people like the look of these mixers and will install them in their home.

If you’re looking for a retractable mixer without the coil, here are some styles ranging from the budget friendly to the high end of retractable mixers.

Teknobili retractable mixer
Teknobili Oz T7 Spray Out Mixer $590


oliveri retractable mixer
Oliveri Vilo Pull Out Spray Mixer


Methven mixer
Methven Culinary Metro Pull Out Sink Mixer


Inca sink mixer
Dorf Inca Sink mixer $759


Barrow Loop Veggie Mixer
Barrow Loop Veggie Mixer Tradelink $242


abey gessi mixer
Abey Gessi Pull Out Mixer in Chrome or Brushed Nickel prices range from $2534 to $3020

What kind of tap do you have in your kitchen? Would you have a retractable mixer in at your home?


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