Semi-Recessed Freestanding Baths

semi-recessed freestanding bath

A freestanding bath has been a popular choice in bathroom design in the last few years. One of the benefits of installing a freestanding bath is it doesn’t require any carpentry work to have it fitted in. But one of the downfalls is it can be difficult to clean around the outside base if installed close to a window or wall. To combat this problem, many renovators are opting for a semi-recessed freestanding bath as they offer the look of a freestanding bath, with the practicality of being able to clean the outside and offer extra storage.

Caroma Bathrooms
Photo by CaromaLook for modern bathroom pictures – the space between the bath and window can be difficult to keep clean.

Basins are most commonly known to be semi-recessed into vanities, but it’s predicted more designers and renovators will choose to install a semi-recessed freestanding bath. It allows the best of both worlds – front on it offers the look of a free-standing bath, but the built in section takes away the frustration of cleaning a tight area, while also providing extra surface for storage.

Here are some design ideas for semi-recessed freestanding baths.

This free-standing bath had a shelf built behind it to give it the semi-recessed look. The shelf offers space for styling and a mount for the mixer.

Parade of Homes- Bath

This free-standing bath in Collingwood, Melbourne, was built into an engineered quartz for easy cleaning. The semi-recess offers a good amount of storage behind the bath as well.

Oxford Street, Collingwood

Here is another semi-recessed bath look which may appeal. It’s important to consider the materials that surround your bath to ensure they won’t deteriorate from potential water damage.

River Residence

The semi-recessed freestanding bath is said to become a popular trend for bathrooms in 2017. Tap placement needs to be considered with this type of bath installation as the floor standing spout and mixer won’t work.  Opt for wall mounted or hob mounted tap mixers instead.

What do you think of the semi-recessed freestanding bath look? Do you prefer it than a freestanding bath on it’s own?