Taqua T-5: Kitchen Mixer Tap with Built-in Water Filter and Vege Spray

built-in filter tap

The Taqua T-5 is a Kitchen Mixer Tap with a built-in water filter and vege spray. It’s the most functional kitchen mixer you will ever own. Find out why this built-in filtration mixer is different to other filtered water taps in Australia.

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Last year, I was sent the Taqua T-5 Kitchen Mixer Tap to trial in our house. I was intrigued by the functionality as it’s a kitchen mixer tap with a built-in water filter, removing the need for a fiddly under sink water filter set-up.

As soon as I received it, I got my dad over to help me get it installed to our sink so we could start trialing our new mixer.

What I love about the Taqua T-5 Kitchen Mixer Tap with Built-in Water Filter

Matte Black Finish

The matte black finish certainly gives this mixer a modern edge. To keep it looking its best (and as per the tap instructions), I do keep a cloth handy to wipe away any drips or suds to prevent watermarks on the tap. So far this has worked well, and the tap looks good as new still 2 months after use. You can also get the tap in chrome.

Solid Pin Lever Function

While I’ve not been a fan of pin lever mixers in the past, the Taqua T-5 has a solid construction. It won’t unscrew like pin lever mixers on the market. I find the screw-in pin loosens overtime. This is not possible with the Taqua T-5 due to the way it’s been constructed.

Taqua T-5 Pin Lever Matte Black Mixer

Extendable Vege Spray

The extendable vege spray with built-in filter means I can wash our fruit and vegies with filtered water. Alternatively, I can swap to regular tap water and rinse pots and dishes making washing up a breeze.

Matte Black Kitchen Mixer with extendable vege spray spout

Matte black sink mixer with extendable vege spray

Two Spray Functions: Shower Spray and Straight Stream

There are also two spray functions which can be changed by simply turning the spout near the aerator. There is the shower spray and straight stream. The shower spray works best for rinsing plates or cleaning fruit and veggies. The straight stream is ideal for drinking filtered water straight from the kitchen mixer.Stream for filtered tap water Taqua Mixer

straight stream

Interchange Between Filtered Tap Water and Regular Tap Water

I can also interchange from filtered tap water to regular tap water to extend the life of the water filter. Rinsing dishes doesn’t require filtered water so I switch between modes using the horizontal lever at the end of the spout.

Tastes Refreshing

The most important part is the taste test! I can say the filtered tap water tastes refreshing. The filter certainly removes the chlorine taste and impurities that is obvious in tap water.

Bec with Taqua T-5 in Kitchen

Minimalist Design with Built-in Filter

The Taqua T-5 removes the need for an additional filtered tap at your sink.

It also doesn’t require a water filter housing assembly mounted on the inner cabinetry wall which frees space under our kitchen sink.

Water filter to Taqua T-5

The connections for under sink filters are notorious for causing water leaks as they can be fiddly. There is no risk of this happening when removing the filter from the spout on the Taqua T-5 as the sink will catch any water drips.

Taqua T-5 Filter Change

It is recommended to change the filter in the spout every 4 months. The filters are made in Japan and they filter out lead, chlorine, small particles, pesticides and nasty odours while still keeping natural minerals in the water which our bodies need.


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For convenience, you can set up an ongoing delivery for replacement cartridges with a cycle that suits you with no lock-in contract.

Installation and Warranty Details

The Taqua T-5 kitchen mixer requires a licensed plumber to install, but the homeowner can change the water filters easily when needed.

Taqua water filtration taps come with a two-year warranty, but this can be extended for no extra charge by registering your purchase online.

Head to the Taqua website for more information. You can also find where to purchase here.

Disclosure: This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy. All opinions are my own. The Taqua T-5 has a Watermark Certificate for installation in Australia.