The 3 Most Common Causes for a Leaking Toilet

The 3 Most Common Causes for a Leaking Toilet

There are 3 common causes for a leaking toilet and no household is immune to the occasional leak.

The key to fixing a toilet leak is identifying what’s causing the water to escape.

Signs your toilet has a leak

  • Water is on the floor
  • Toilet cistern constantly refills
  • A water run line develops from under the rim of the toilet bowl to the water seal at the bottom of the pan

What’s causing these common toilet leaks?

1. Water on the floor

If you find water on the floor, it may not be that someone has misaimed. It could be the result of a deteriorated seal.

The two seals to check are the flush pipe rubber which connects the cistern to the toilet bowl. It’s seal which can diminish from wear and tear. If it becomes loose, it will allow water through the seal to drip on the floor whenever the toilet is flushed.

A pan connector also has a rubber seal which connects the toilet bowl to the sewer. When loosened over time, water can seep from the rubber seal of the connector, and overflow onto the floor.

The best way to fix is to replace both fittings, but if that’s not possible, a handyman’s way around it is to seal with some sanitary grade silicone. It won’t go mouldy if it gets wet.  This is only a temporary fix though.

2. Toilet cistern continually fills up

A toilet cistern that constantly fills up when no one has used it requires a new water inlet valve. It’s a fix that most plumbers are experienced in repairing. A universal water inlet valve can be retro fitted to most cisterns, but if you have an induct cistern, this will require the valve to be ordered in.

3. Water running into toilet bowl

Water running into the toilet bowl is a sign the rubber washer which seals the cistern has ripped or perished. It can be easily replaced. However, after testing and finding water still runs into the bowl it may be a sign the internals of the toilet cistern need to be replaced too. By the time you factor in the cost of parts and labour, sometimes a new toilet suite is the best solution.

Who to call for leaking toilets

A licensed plumber is your best person to contact when repairing or replacing a leaking toilet.

Often their quick diagnosis and installation expertise will save time and money in trying to source parts yourself. It can also be finicky replacing parts in a toilet cistern.

Toilets can cause water bills to run up if the leaks aren’t fixed quickly. It’s always good practice to have a check over the toilet each time it’s cleaned and to get on top of water leaks straight away.

Turning the water off at the cistern can help prevent water go down the drain when waiting for a plumber to come out. Just turn it back on when the toilet needs to be used.

The flex hose connecting from the cistern to the toilet stop tap should also be checked regularly for wear and tear. If you notice any rust or un-fraying of the metal hose, you will need to get this replaced asap.

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