The Plumbette’s Top 5 Plumbing Blog Posts for 2012


I started this blog a year ago purely for my own enjoyment. I love writing about some of the jobs and funny moments in plumbing that my dad and I  come across in our line of work. My readership in one year has grown from approximately 2 people (my mum and dad) to nearly over 300 per week. My website has over1000 hits per month which excites me because it means that my writing is interesting and secondly that the discipline of writing each week is worth it!


When I told some friends that I was going to start a blog, I had criticism about how I was going to make money from it (which I don’t) and when I did start writing it I was quizzed on how many readers I had (which at the time was not many) but I could see the potential of a blog like mine becoming a success.  I’m passionate about writing and about what I do and I’m not afraid to speak my mind or talk about issues relating to the plumbing industry. What these certain friends didn’t realize is that I have had criticism throughout my whole career as a plumber so it really didn’t bother me that they didn’t fully support my endeavor.


As a result of my blog I have been mentioned in Men’s Health Magazine, The Dux Hotline Newsletter, QWeekend and in the December/January 2012 Master Plumbers Magazine (page 9).  If you are a Master Plumber checking out my blog for the first time, welcome! I hope you stay and continue to read each week and relate to what I have to say! Feel free to follow me through Twitter or Facebook as this is what I use to let readers know when a new blog article has been posted up.


This year, my top 5 posts have related to plumbing and… sex. They do say sex sells, but I didn’t anticipate the spike in hit numbers on my site from those articles. Other articles that also got high readership ratings were explaining plumbing pricing, whether women should be tradies and plumbing firms that have gone under in 2012.


So my top 5 posts for 2012 were:


Plumbing Fittings with Sexual References

Tafe & sex

Why do Plumbers have a call out fee?

Hastie Group won’t be the last to go under

Should Women be Tradies

With Christmas around the corner and the New Year fastly approaching, I am going to take a weeks break to spend time with my family and organise myself for the New Year. My first two posts in the New Year will have give-aways and you must be a Plumbette Facebook liker or Twitter follower to participate in the give-aways. One give-away will be cash which for most of you couldn’t come at a better time after spending money on Christmas and New Years. If only our bills had a Christmas Holiday too!!


Thank you to all my readers and clients who read my blog and interact with me via email or Facebook. I love writing about what I do. My comments section is getting sorted out and should hopefully be up and running in the New Year.  I pray and hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2013. I look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for The Plumbette!


*If you are a business that would like be reviewed on my blog in 2013, please feel free to contact me via email or the contact form on this blog. I can’t guarantee I will review every product or business that requests this and you need to be prepared for my honest opinion relating to your product or service. But I am happy to endorse products and services that I find work and will benefit my readers. If you wish to advertise on my page, feel free to contact me via the two options stated above too.