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The way we shop has changed a lot in the last decade. Online shopping is becoming more popular due to convenience and the ability to research brands and get the best price.

Plumbing fixtures and taps are slowly becoming more widely available for online purchase. Not all plumbing items can be purchased online, but I believe there will be a stage where plumbing suppliers and retailers will need to offer online shopping as part of their service. Construction projects and renovations are having tighter deadlines thanks to unrealistic expectations shown on shows like The Block and House Rules. Many consumers and tradespersons will be forced to purchase their fixtures and taps online to save time researching show room to show room.

One such business that is following the tide of change is Tip Top Select (TTS). TTS is an online business that offers a range of quality branded tap-ware, shower fittings and plumbing components at competitive prices.

The business was established by Rafaela Giebler-Wijegooneratne who has over 30 years experience working in the plumbing industry. She has extensive knowledge of plumbing brands and has used her expertise to offer customers a niche range of well-established Australian and New Zealand tapware.

The brands that TTS offer online include Ramtaps, Aquatica, Felton, LaVita, Meco and Disflex. Rafaela intends to invite more companies to show their product ranges on her site as well.

When I worked in the commercial plumbing niche, I was either dictated by a specification or could use my own spec if the client wasn’t fussed. If I used my own specification, I had to find taps and fixtures that were middle of the range to meet the budget. In situations like this, TTS is great because of their excellent prices and the ability to ‘browse’ online in the comfort of an office, rather than flip through a tap and fixture manual and then wait for prices to be emailed the next day from the plumbing supplier.

The key point of difference with TTS is that the online specifications of each listed item on the site is detailed so that the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing. The site will be very beneficial for builders, plumbers and architects who often need this information during the design and installation process.

TTS is not just inclusive for tradespeople, its easy navigation is beneficial for the renovator and domestic consumer who desire to purchase and supply their own tap-ware for their building project.

One aspect of TTS’s business model that I’m impressed with is Rafaela’s desire to support her community. Rafaela is a firm believer in corporate social responsibility and it is her aspiration to offer support to Destiny Rescue which is an internationally recognized, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. All purchases made on TTS will enable Rafaela to fulfill her goal of supporting this cause.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop that offers tapware and components from Australian and New Zealand manufacturers, make sure you stop by at Tip Top Select. Rafaela and her team are passionate about helping you get the best product for your budget.

If you’ve purchased taps, where have you usually gone to purchase them?

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