Underdogs and Design


Were you surprised by the outcome of The Block on Wednesday night? I was. But I was also happy to see an underdog like Steve and Chantelle take out the top prize. I’ve been one myself and it is the most humbling of experiences to feel.

The impression I got from my interactions on Twitter and Facebook showed that many didn’t think Steve and Chantelle were worthy winners, or that they didn’t work as hard as the other teams which I think is complete hogs wash because I think they did amazingly despite their lack of renovating experience.

In the end all the teams were winners because they made mega profits on their properties. I was pleased about this aspect of the show because in previous auctions, this hasn’t been the case.

What dawned on me after the show had ended is that when it comes to design and practicality, the value is held by the buyer, not the designer.

Steve and Chantelle’s rooms didn’t always rate highly with the judges, until towards the end of the show and yet they still got the highest amount for their property.

This is interesting don’t you think when many of us are inspired or sometimes envious of beautiful pictures shared on social media or in magazines? Pictures of beautifully styled rooms with décor that is designed to impress and inspire. But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I’m often itching to change a room once I read a magazine to incorporate a trend and I have sometimes fallen victim to feeling envious of ones wares. But I live in a different reality with little children and my obsession to keep my house styled and cleaned to a display house level is a standard I cannot healthily maintain.

I love reading the ‘keeping it real’ posts from friends and bloggers about how messy their houses are to counteract the beautiful pictures we get graced across our newsfeeds but I think it’s important to exercise a healthy balance of self. And by that I mean knowing what one does and doesn’t like and not coveting what one shares on social media. Be inspired and appreciate was is seen.

My bedside table consists of a lamp that works, a few cheap wares from Kmart, my bible and a little people figurine (or two). My décor shows it’s got soul and at the end of the day décor are just things. Things that can enhance beauty and be appreciated, but they are still just things.

With that in mind I’m organizing Magdalene’s new big girl’s room. I figure it is one less thing to organise and worry about when the time comes to introducing Magdalene to her new room with a newborn in tow. I have been inspired by beautiful girl’s bedrooms on Pinterest and Facebook but I nearly faint at the expense people have gone to when designing such a room. I may have to write a post on how to set up a girl’s bedroom on a budget.

Anyway, underdogs and design… I’m happy to embrace and appreciate both. Have you ever been an underdog and do you get envious of designs shared on social media?

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