How To Use Ultra Violet in Bathroom Interiors

Ultra Violet in Bathroom Interiors

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018 is ‘Ultra Violet’, which has sparked some interesting conversations on how to incorporate this shade into interiors, worldwide.

I enjoy finding out what the colour of the year is, but the colour for 2018 doesn’t appeal hugely to me.

Although when I think about it, a lot of good things come in purple packets like Cadbury Chocolate and Violet Crumble.

It is also a colour associated with royalty.

I don’t like purple on it’s own and much rather like it when it’s teamed with orange or teal.

As a result of the announcement by the Pantone Color Institute, we will see purple used as the base colour for homewares, textiles and fashion. It will be slowly embraced because it’s a deep shade of purple people will love or hate.

The Pantone Color Institute described Ultra Violet as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade”. Yes, tt’s dramatic, but also forces one to contemplate on spiritual matters and indulge in their creativity.

If you do love Ultra Violet, and would like to incorporate this colour into your bathroom in the future, here are some simple ways to do it. I feel this colour will date and the first two images will be polarizing for many. And while it’s not the same shade as the Pantone Colour, it gives an idea of how purple is used in these applications.

How to Use Ultra Violet in Bathroom Interiors

1. Add Ultra Violet through cabinetry.

2. Paint the walls Ultra Violet, and make a statement with a bright coloured pendant light.

3. Ultra Violet contrasts with muted greys and beige tones. Team it with a bold, patterned tile.

4. A simple Ultra Violet feature wall can create a focal point in an all white bathroom.

5. Add purple flowers like orchids and violets to an all white bathroom for colour.

6. A mosaic wall with black and silver pairs back the Ultra Violet in this bathroom.

7. Paint all the walls Ultra Violet and allow the white vanity to ‘pop’ out.

8. Include a wall painting with Ultra Violet hues and team it with green wall paper. I love the eccentricity of this bathroom.

9. Go all out and install a purple free standing claw bath off set with a mosaic tile feature wall. I’d definitely enjoy my time in this bathroom!

10. Keep a neutral bathroom scheme and paint the ceiling a deep shade of purple.

Adding accessories in the form of linens and décor pieces are the easiest way to add Ultra Violet to your bathroom – providing it’s a neutral colour scheme. This shade of purple does contrast well with neutrals. It’s definitely a colour to consider if you’re wanting to colour a focal or interest point in your bathroom interiors.

What are your thoughts on Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018? How would you incorporate it in your home?