What a Blocked Urinal looks like

toilet etiquette are urinals on the decline?

Waterless urinals were the fixture to have in male bathrooms when Brisbane went through it’s worst drought. Buildings converted to water saving urinal flush devices or installed waterless urinals as a way to meet the government’s regulation of installing water saving fixtures in the bathroom facilities.

Waterless urinals need their cartridges replaced every 6 months or so (depends how often it’s peed on). We had to change the cartridge on Monday and when we took out the very full and overflowing cartridge, this was what we found at the bottom of the urinal.

What a blocked urinal looks like
What a blocked urinal looks like

I know it looks gross… dried up pee congealed at the bottom of the urinal. It’s a crap photo but the smell was intoxicating and I had to be quick. Oh man, the smell. It’s nasty. I have never gotten used to it and I’ve changed that cartridge so many times in the last couple of years.

So what’s the point of putting up this horrible picture?

Well I have done work for families where they have apologized if the toilet has wee in it because they live by the rule ‘If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down’ to save water.

But if pee is left sitting in the bowl for a long time, it will discolour and seep into the pores of the ceramic bowl.

So if you do plan to  let your wee ‘mellow’, don’t leave it too long or else it will marinate the bottom of your bowl a disgusting yellow.

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