What to Consider When Choosing Copper Basins and Sinks

copper basins and sinks

A month before Christmas, I headed to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to meet up with my mum. We passed by the new Earthborn shop and I spotted a copper sink which I loved the look of immediately. Of course, I shared it on social media. I received a few enquiries on where to purchase such a sink, so I’ve done a bit of research to find where you can order a copper basin and/or sink should you wish to add this rose gold hue to your home renovation.

Copper Sink at Earthborn

There are some things you should know before you decide on installing a copper basin or sink in your home. There are a mix of pros and cons that make this material one to seriously consider installing in your bathroom or kitchen.

Firstly the pros. Copper fixtures look grand and luxurious which make them appealing if you are creating a high end space. They definitely make a lasting impression if that is your goal when designing your wet room. A copper fixture will lift a space and add value to your home. It’s high end appeal will draw an emotional response from a buyer should you decide to sell the property at a later date.

Copper has antimicrobial properties which means it’s  great for high use areas where bacteria can be present. The bacteria that lands on copper sinks and basins tend to die within a couple of hours. Nevertheless, they still need to be cleaned and can be cleaned with most common cleaning agents – although not all.

Another reason copper is a good choice for fixtures is because it doesn’t corrode or rust. Copper has anti-rust mechanism which means no matter how often it is used, it won’t corrode.

Copper sinks can come in different sizes, shapes and different finishes to suit your space. For a contemporary look you may choose a copper sink with clean lines, but in a shaker style or farmhouse setting, you may choose a sink with filigree patterns.

The cons to using copper is it is expensive. You’re looking at a minimum of $400 for the purchase of one copper basin and $1000 for a copper sink. Copper fixtures look expensive because they are expensive.

Another issue with copper is that although it won’t rust, it will darken over time as it reacts to the oxygen in the air. The copper can also stain easily from acids like orange juice. Toothpaste can also change the look of the copper. Many consider this wear and tear a way for the copper to age well over use, but it is something to consider if you didn’t know about it before. It’s highly unlikely your copper fixture will remain the same colour from the day of installation.

One factor that can make or break the decision to use copper fixtures is it’s ability to warp and dent if you choose a low-gauge copper. Copper fixtures can also be time-consuming to maintain. After each use, you will need to dry the water so it doesn’t leave marks on the copper. This con alone is the deciding factor on whether a copper fixture is the right choice for your home. Alternatively, you can accept that less maintenance will see the copper tarnish over time.

Copper fixtures have definitely surged since copper became a trend a couple of years ago. Not many business’s manufacture copper fixtures, but there are some companies that specialize in their production.

Copper Basins and sinks Australia

  1. Copper Aztec Basin from The Copper Sink Company (on sale) $850
  2. Copper Half Moon Basin from Copper Bath Australia $440
  3. Copper Double Butler Sink from The Copper Sink Company (on sale) $1250
  4. Oliveri Copper Spectra Sink from The Good Guys $1159
  5. Copper Butler Sink from The Copper Sink Company $1250
  6. Copper Bathroom Basin from The Copper Sink Company (on sale) $850
  7. Aurora Copper Basin from The Stone Super Store $699

If you are going to choose to install a copper fixture, make sure the space is neutral to ensure the copper stands out and doesn’t compete with anything else in the room. Less is definitely more when using copper. Also ensure you get the matching copper plug and waste from these stores as chrome won’t be suitable for these vessels.

What do you think about copper fixtures? Something you’d consider for your own home or not at all?

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laundry renovation

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