Plumbers are an under valued occupation


I recently replaced a washer at a friend’s place for love, not because it was expected, but because the job was easy and we are both mums and know what it’s like making ends meet when you only have 1.5 wages coming in because you’re a mum. We somehow got onto the topic of clients making remarks on how ‘expensive’ you are, when you are only charging what is the standard rate for your occupation.

It’s frustrating when such remarks are made because the person obviously doesn’t take into account that in order for you to become a licensed professional, you have had to pay your way through a 4 year degree or in my case a 4 year apprenticeship and as a licensed person you are obligated to ensure that the work done complies to a certain standard.

All plumbing installations must abide by the plumbing by-laws also known as the AS3500. They also must comply with the local council’s laws. A plumber is not merely a person who ‘unblocks drains’ and ‘changes washers’. A plumber ensures that clean water is supplied in and around your house or dwelling and that human waste and sewerage is taken away in a safe and healthy manner. As a plumber put it to me when I was doing my apprenticeship ‘Plumbing is the most important health management system in the country and the world’.

There is no need for me to explain what happens when you drink dirty water contaminated by waste. You only have to see pictures of the third world to understand this concept. Why is it then that complaints are made about how much a plumber charges? When you pay a plumber, remember you are paying for their expertise and skill in insuring your plumbing is safe to you and your household and they have a license that gives them the ability to do so. Getting a cheap tradie in to do your plumbing work is asking for trouble and will void any insurance you have on your property if the improper installation damages your property. Plumbers are an under valued occupation and they shouldn’t be.