When a Plumbette Can’t…


This past weekend hasn’t been the best for our appliances.  The washing machine started to play up on Friday but I managed to get it working and then it decided to play the same game on Saturday morning. After pressing buttons, I was able to get it working again. Not sure how long I can keep it going for though! Then yesterday afternoon our dishwasher decided  stop working too. So I had to wash our crockery and cutlery by hand.


Of course, my husband looked at me and told me that this was ‘my domain’ and being a plumber, there are lots of things that I can fix. But a dishwasher flashing lights and making weird noises is not one of them. A plumber can only plumb water to the appliance and ensure that the waste pipe is connected to the sink trap. Water supply was not the issue, neither was the hose waste. The dishwasher would need to be serviced.


As a professional, I know what a plumber can or can’t fix. Within a couple of minutes I could see what was happening to the dishwasher and knew that I would have to organise a maintenance person who could service Blanco dishwashers. I did a quick search on google and I found a company that would be able to fix my dishwasher and look at my washing machine at the same time.


So next time you have dishwasher issues, save yourself a call out fee from a plumber and check the following things.

1. Check that the water is connected to your dishwasher. If you have water coming through your sink tap, you will have water going through to the dishwasher tap because they are plumbed into the same line.

2. Check that the dishwasher tap hasn’t been turned off. You can easily do this by unscrewing the dishwasher water connection, hold an empty bucket or container under the tap and turn it on to check that the water comes through the tap.

3. Check that the hose waste is still connected to the sink waste

4. If water is pooling at the bottom of the dishwasher, this is not a plumbing problem, it is a fault from the appliance – most likely the pump in the dishwasher has failed.


If you find that all the checks are in working order, call the appliance manufacturer for a service person who regularly fixes your brand of dishwasher. They will generally have the parts and you will save yourself paying a call out fee to a plumber who couldn’t help you in the first place.