When do You Replace Tap Washers?

when do you replace tap washers?

One of the questions I get asked often is “When do you replace tap washers?”

The reason I get asked this question a lot, when attending maintenance jobs, is to prevent the inconvenience of having no water flow through your tap or having water flow at full capacity through the spout.

when do you replace tap washers

When do you replace tap washers?

My general answer is ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Tap washers can last a long time, but sometimes they can only last 12 months or less. You know your tap washers need replacing when the taps are turned off and the faucet still drips. Or if the water won’t turn off – which is a sign that the tap washer has been completely stripped and no longer seals on the tap seat.

Which tap washer should I replace first?

To determine which tap washer to replace first, is to work out which tap is leaking. Put your hand under the faucet to feel the temperature of the drip. If it’s hot, the washer in the hot tap needs replacing, but if you go to the trouble of replacing the hot one, you may as well do the cold one too.

How do I get to the tap washer?

There are SO many different taps on the market that they all have different ways of demanteling when retrieving out the washer. Some taps require an allen key, and others require a Stanley knife to pop out the button, and others still require multi-grips or a spanner to turn the buttons around to loosen the handle.

What can I get installed instead of tap washers?

To save the hassle of changing washers every 12 months, install ceramic disc spindles which are known to last up to 10 years – providing dirt or grit in the water line doesn’t shatter the ceramic disc. Ceramic disc spindles are more expensive than washers, but the spindles seem to last a lot longer and can save you money by calling a plumber out every couple of years to replace the washers.

When do you replace your tap washers? Do you wait for the dreaded drip? Or do you have a regular maintenance schedule that you follow?

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