When your tap won’t turn off


It’s happened to me before. You turn on a tap (often for some reason it ends up being your hot water tap) and you keep turning and turning and it WON’T TURN OFF! You panic because you have a hell of a lot of water running down the drain… but what to do when the handle won’t turn any further? What do you do when your tap won’t turn off?

When in this situation, don’t panic. Turn off the hot water from your hot water unit and this will stop the water from running. Alternatively if it’s the cold water tap, you will have to turn off your water meter at the front of your property.

Once this has been done, ring a plumber and they will have to replace the washer or possibly the tap spindle as well. I have found that the washer has split and only requires to be replaced. Generally these types of situations happen when the washers haven’t been changed on the taps and/or the taps are really old and have worn out meaning the spindles won’t turn to stop the water flow. Either situation will need the service of a plumber to fix the issue.

It is a relatively easy problem to fix.