It Worked! Keeping Mice And Rodents Out of My Ducted Air Conditioning Unit Using Essential Oils

Keep Mice Out of my Air Conditioning Unit

In July last year, I shared what I was trialing to prevent rats or mice getting into my air conditioning unit. They had caused me headaches and expense in the past, which you can read about here. I was on a mission to keep rodents out of my air conditioning unit.

To deter the rodents (and geckos), I used doTERRA’s Purify Oil on wool buds around the unit.

I was meant to get our unit serviced last September, but it went down the priority list due to not knowing when I was going to get paid by the company I had been doing work for.

When I had Fallon Solutions out to fix my washing machine, they told me they could inspect my air conditioner under the Home Protection Plan and I thought SWEET! But I wasn’t able to book the inspection until April the following year (the inspection is done during none-peak times). So I waited till April, and then I got my job and it wasn’t until this week that my air conditioning unit got inspected and serviced (the service is an extra cost, which I was gifted).

saturn air
Saturn Heating & Cooling is part of Fallon Solutions

The great news is there were no signs of geckos, mice or rats in the unit or near the fan. So it seems the essential oil worked. The bad news was, Phoebe had stuck a toy through the grills of the cage and it had missed the fan but was sitting at the bottom of the unit, underneath the fan. GAH!!

fallon solutions servicing air conditioner unit
Nathan from Fallon Solutions

Anyway, after the service, I reapplied the oil to the outside of the unit again and used cotton buds soaked in the oil to be placed underneath the unit.

purify oild to keep rats out of air conditioner unit

Now I can’t be absolutely sure the oil deterred the mice away, but the results from the service are a good indication. I reapplied the oil and I’m crossing my fingers that when my next service rolls around in June 2019, I will get the same report.

fallon services air conditioning service

There are plenty of articles online on the use of Peppermint oil and Purify oil to deter mice and rats. With freezing temperatures this week, now is the ideal time to do what you can to deter these rodents from getting into your home and your air conditioning unit if you have a ducted system.

It’s worked in our house and air conditioning unit. You may like to try it yourself and see if it will work for you?

Do you have problems with rodents getting into your ac unit too? How have you kept rodents out of your home?