3 Ways to Personalise Your Home Interior

Personalise your home interior

This post has been written in collaboration with MyPicture.com.au

The interior of your home should be a reflection of what you love. I’m a big believer in having memories out on display to personalise your home interior and make it your own.

While there is a place for the display or staged homes, it’s important to understand they are styled to attract the masses. They are not a true reflection of the owner’s style.

Our homes should be laden with photos, sentimental keepsakes and individualized décor, which personify ourselves – the people who live in the home.

personalise your home interior

If you’re looking for some affordable ways to personalise your home, here are some ideas from MyPicture.com.au.

1. Create a gallery wall of memories

I love gallery walls, but a collection of memories turned into a gallery wall is an effective way to display your personal style through captured moments.

Gallery wall to personalise your home interior

Turn a recent family holiday into a story, projected on the wall through photo canvas prints. Each photo can offer a glimpse into a happy moment of time. The collection can draw emotion into a space and is a simple way to add a personal touch to your home.

2. Use your own photography as wall art

In a world where wall art can be mass produced, using your own photography to feature as wall art is an effortless and affordable way to personalise the walls of your home.

use own photography to grace walls

Square photos from your Instagram account can be turned into collection of pixel canvas squares, to fill a blank wall.

Instagram canvas gallery wall

If a gallery wall is not your thing, use a bookshelf to display framed photos with artwork. This leads well to rental properties, when hanging art on the walls may not be possible. Lean the framed photos against the wall instead.

Gallery wall to personalise your home interior

3. Create sentimental keepsakes for display

Sentimental keepsakes often become heirlooms passed on through the family generations. Not everyone likes to have photos on textiles, but for a family member making their home away from home, a cosy blanket with a family photo can be a safe haven in the bedroom or living room.

family photo blanket personalise home interior

Even a portrait of a beloved pet can adorn a cushion and be intermixed with neutral cushions for a quirky and individualized look.

pet pillow photo

How do you use photos to personalise your home interior?

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