7 Ways to Decorate With Plants in the Bathroom

7 ways to decorate with plants

If you are looking for ways to update your bathroom, without having to fork money out for a new renovation, decorate your bathroom with plants. The last few years have seen an increase greenery in the bathroom and it’s become a key trend in interiors. Of course, there needs to be a little more thought than whacking a pot plant in the corner of the room. I’ve found 7 ways to decorate with plants in the bathroom to give you some ideas on how you can achieve a greener bathroom.

plants in the bathroom

In order for your plant to survive in the bathroom, there needs to be enough light. A window sill is a great place to place a plant in the bathroom. Alternatively you could hang a plant across the window to create some privacy. The trailing plants adds a bit of jungle life to this retro-style bathroom.

Why not group 3 or more statement plants in wall hung planters to create a visually pleasing look? Use staghorns or ZZ plants to recreate this look.

Place a large plant pot of mother-in-laws tongue next to the vanity basin. Mother-in-laws tongue, also known as snake plants, are sturdy and easy to care for. They can thrive in low light and only need to be watered every two weeks or so. This is one of the best plants to have in the bathroom.

Create a feature plant wall. The best part of this feature wall is you will feel as if you are bathing outside in nature, in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Place plants on the corner of the vanity bench or next to the basin. It’s often the first place people think of when introducing a plant to the bathroom. If your vanity doesn’t get a lot of light, remember to move your plant to a window occasionally so it gets the light it needs.

A timber stool can become a sturdy plant holder in the bathroom. Make sure the plant is smaller than the stool to create visual balance.

If you have a bath shelf/tray, consider styling it with a small pot plant, and let the leaves hang over the bath. This is a great idea if you have limited surfaces in your bathroom.


Best Plants in the Bathroom

The best plants to have in the bathroom are Boston Ferns, Philodendrons, Cast Iron Plants, Spider Plants, Orchids, Bamboos, Pothos, Peace Lily and ZZ Plants because they can withstand low light and high humidity levels.

Here is another great post on plants that will thrive in the bathroom.

Do you have plants in the bathroom? Which plants have you been able to keep alive in the bathroom?

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