8 Affordable Ways to Update Your Home For Spring

8 Affordable Ways to Update Your Home For Spring

If you’re after some affordable ways to update your home for spring without heading to the shops to buy all new décor, this post is for you.

Sometimes when the weather changes I get a bit antsy and initiate a change in the home. Often the updates are minor, but they can make a big difference to me.

None of the tips are rocket science, but they can help you look at what you own in a different way.

update your home for spring

1. Add a vase of flowers

I usually get my flowers cheap from Woolies and bulk the bunch up with branches from our Magnolia tree.

I recently created this Australian Native flower arrangement and placed it in our ensuite.  Raid your garden and see what you can find and put together to make an imperfect bunch and place it in a vase.

Australian Floral Arrangement

2. Swap around plants from the patio to indoors

I’m often swapping around plants in our house to ensure they get enough sunlight. I’ve learned a few things about shade tolerant plants. They still need to get some sunlight, so placing them near a window or outside undercover can give them a boost. Swapping plants from indoors to outside and vice versa can instantly update your home.

3. Change the tablecloth

I usually have a plastic tablecloth on the dining table because: kids. But I do have a collection of fabric tablecloths I like to bring out when the plastic one starts to look ratty or stained. A change in tablecloth can add instant colour and pattern to your dining room.

change the tablecloth for a spring update

4. Open the blinds

Opening the blinds and curtains can make a room look and feel brighter. Such an easy tip but one I don’t do often enough. I’m sometimes amazed how much light floods through when the day blinds are open.

5. Swap pillowcases

This is one of my favourite tips. If I’m itching to change the look of our bedlinen, instead of getting a new quilt, I change the pillow cases to patterned ones. It can immediately change the look of the bedroom, and for little cost. I’ve got my eye on these pillow cases from Add to Cart.

Floral pillow cases

6. Remove the clutter

Clear benches, organise shelves and drawers  – removing clutter out of sight can do wonders for the interior of your home.

Bathroom Drawer Magnetic Strip Hack
Some key tips here:

  • Hide vitamins and medicines in a glass cupboard. You will always open the cupboard for a glass of water, so it’s an easy way to remember to take your vitamins when they’re out of sight.
  • Put toothbrushes and toothpaste into the top drawer of the bathroom vanity.
  • Place cooking utensils into the utensil drawer.
  • Put books back in bookshelves or layer on the coffee table as a styling feature.
  • Create a nook for school bags.
  • Keep shoes in a wardrobe or in the garage.

7. Swap cushions

I have a few cushions put away that I often swap to for spring. Heavier textures like faux fur are changed for cotton or macrame style cushions. Sometimes I am a rebel and keep the faux fur out. Just swap the cushions from sofa to sofa and it will instantly change the look in your living room.

8. Clean the walls

If I don’t have time to paint, I give the walls and architraves a good wipe down with sugar scrub. It’s amazing how clean walls can make your home feel.

clean the walls affordable spring updates

Do you update your home for Spring? What tips can you share?