An Easy Easter Centerpiece and Easter Decorating Around my Home

easter decorating and easter centerpiece

With Easter being a month away, I like to add a few Easter bits and pieces to the house to change the décor up and get the kids excited about the new season. Over the years, I have bought decorations and they are the same pieces I bring out each year. This year, I wanted to create a dedicated Easter centerpiece and so I went on Pinterest to get some inspiration.

I used the decorations I already owned, a Kmart bamboo tray (which I use to serve cob loaf), some lone sticks from the front yard and purchased some astro turf from Bunnings (1 sheet is $19.95) to go about my decorating.

bamboo platter from kmart

easter artificial turf

Easy Easter Centerpiece

I love a runner on the table, but the reality is, when kids eat at the table, usually whatever is in the middle of the table is put on the kitchen bench to avoid it getting covered in food. That’s why I always use a plastic tablecloth on the table. It makes life easier when cleaning after meals.

So I needed my centerpiece to be easy to transport. So no runners or a million decorative pieces displayed in the middle of the table. The decorations had to be contained on the platter for easy removal.

I wanted to lay the artificial turf in the middle of my tray, so used the platter as a template and went to cut the artificial turf. Use sharp scissors for this exercise.

cut artifical turf

Once the artificial turf in is your platter, you can experiment with what you put in it.

artificial turf in platter

Here are some of the centerpieces I came up with, using what I already owned.

Easter centerpiece and easter decorating


Easter centerpiece and easter decorating bunny


Easter centerpiece and easter decorating


Easter centerpiece and easter decorating


The last centerpiece was what I had on the table, but I felt like it wasn’t quite there with where I wanted. After dropping into my local discount store to get some craft supplies, I added a little blackboard and some tin buckets.

easter centerpiece and decorating


easter centerpiece in platter


easter decorating bright and colourful

Any leftover decorations were put on our buffet.

easter decorating and easter centerpiece


vanessa bean for easter decorating


Easter decorating


Easter Decorating Vanessa Bean

If you’re thinking about decorating your home with some Easter goodness, here are some pieces I found online.

easter decorations 2020 for easter centerpiece

  1. Large Ceramic Bunny Bowl $7.00
  2. Tiny Wooden Egg Decorations set of 24 $7.49 (on sale)
  3. Flopsy Family Rabbit Ornament $20.99 (on sale)
  4. Floral Bunny Silhouette Plate in Blue and Yellow $9.74 (on sale)
  5. Easter Hanging Timber Decoration $6.99
  6. Carrot Bundle Set of 3 $7.49
  7. Gold Bunny Candle Holder $15.00
  8. Berry and Easter Egg Spray $7.49 (on sale)

Do you decorate your home during Easter? Do you typically put together an Easter centerpiece?

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