Bath Mats to Camouflage a Bland Bathroom Floor

bath mats to hide bland bathroom floors Hop Out Sage and Clare

Even if your bathroom floor isn’t ugly, it’s easy to update with a bath mat.

update ugly bathroom floor with a bath mat
Image by Sage and Clare

While you can add rugs to the bathroom, bath mats are affordable and will wear better in a humid environment.

I’m a fan of a lush, thick bath mat which is soft to walk on and will soak wet feet rather than leaving a slippery bathroom floor.

These bath mats I’ve found online will certainly draw a smile each time you go to your bathroom. And with us constantly washing hands during this pandemic, it’s a room that will be visited constantly.

Of course, they can work well in high traffic areas like door entries and even at the kitchen sink. Our kitchen floor is always notorious for catching drips of water from drying up pots and pans which can’t be placed in the dishwasher.

I usually have two bathroom mats per bathroom floor so when one is in the wash, another is put in the bathroom as it’s replacement.

I’ve specifically found small businesses that stock these bath mats, but even the larger department stores like Adairs and Pillow Talk would appreciate your custom.

Bath Mats to Camouflage a Bathroom Floor

bath mats to camouflage an ugly bathroom floor

  1. Jumbled Tula Nudie Rudie Bath Mat in Pickle $79
  2. Pillow Talk Folk Flower Round Bath Mat $49.95
  3. Pillow Talk Flower Folk Bath Mat in blue $20.87 (on sale)
  4. Kobi Pink Bath Mat $14.95
  5. The Home Maven Coco Bananas Bath Mat $89
  6. Kmart Diamond Jacquard Bath Mat $10
  7. Sage + Clare Tanga Leopard Bath Mat $89
  8. Adairs Sweet Cheeks Bath Mat $20.99 (on sale)
  9. Pillow Talk Folk Flower Bat Mat in mustard $29.95
  10. Sage + Clare Issy Harlequin Bath Mat $89

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