Bath Runners Make the Best Bathroom Rugs

Bath runners make the best bath rug

Bath runners make the best bathroom rugs if you’re looking to add colour or texture to your bathroom.

The longer bath mat works well in the bathroom if you have a double vanity, double shower or a freestanding bath. Even a long, narrow bathroom can benefit from a bath runner on the floor.

An affordable way to give your bathroom a new look is to throw down a soft furnishing. Plush bath runners can be useful for catching water drips, but they can also make the bathroom feel more homely.

While you could add a rug to the bathroom, the material needs to withstand high traffic and a wet environment. An outdoor rug can be waterproof, however, it’s not always soft underfoot.

A plush bath runner can be a focal point in the bathroom if you have a neutral colour palette and need something to add a bit of personality to the space.

Here are some ways rugs have been used in the bathroom to add texture and colour.

bathroom rugs
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Bathroom Rugs
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bath runner in bathroom
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Bath runner in bathroom
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If you’re after a bath runner for your bathroom, here are some to check out:

bath runners make the best bath rugs

  1. Mason non-slip rubber back bath runner
  2. Lottie floral runner bath mat
  3. Nomad natural bath runner
  4. Miss Amara Hayley Tribal bath mat
  5. Molly Folk bath runner
  6. Southwest runner bath mat

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