Chunky Knit Throws as Winter Bed Runners

Chunky Knit Throws For Winter Bed Runners

In a month or so, I will be changing the linens on our bed to suit the cool change. I often swap the light summer throw for a chunky knit bed runner and the sheets are changed to flannelette.

A chunky knit throw can be quite expensive to acquire. They work well as a bed runner because there is less pilling and pulling of the knit. Once you find one you love, in a colour that works well with your bedroom, you will love taking it out each season for use.

chunky knit bed runner

Last year I bought a navy throw to use as a bed runner on our plain white bedspread. We’ve since changed our quilt cover to navy and mustard cushion accents.

For a moodier look, I intend to layer with more blues and greens. Or even contrast with purple. The bed is one of those areas  I like to change every so often. I’ve got all I need to do swap things around.

If you like to change things in your bedroom, a simple throw can make all the difference. I lay mine like a bed runner at the end of the bed, or in the middle.

Some chunky knit throws will start to filter into homewares stores as the weather gets cooler, but here are some I’ve found online.

Most cheaper options (around the $100 mark) are made from an acrylic blend or polyester.

The dearer options in the $300-$400 price bracket are usually handwoven and will be be knit from a quality merino wool. Etsy is a great place to head to for merino wool chunky knit throws – but expect to pay a bit extra for them.

Chunky Knit Throw – The Winter Bed Runner

chunky knit throw bed runner

  1. Evelina Chunky Knit Throw $99.99
  2. Swiish Cosy Up Luxe Throw in Olive $99.95
  3. Ink Blue Chunky Knit Throw $99
  4. Home Republic Newport Dusty Pink Chunk Knit Throw $139.99
  5. Home Republic Newport Grey Marle Knit Throw $139.99
  6. Home Republic Newport Coal Knit Throw $139.99
  7. Pomegranate Chunky Knit Throw $99
  8. Abby St Claire Blankets Mustard Merino Wool $365

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