Colourful Print Hand Towels Add Colour to Your Bathroom

colourful print hand towels for the bathroom

Adding colourful print hand towels to the powder room, bathroom or laundry is an easy way to add personality to the space. Even a small block of colour can make a difference in a room.

add a colourful hand towel to laundry
Image from The Block Shop

Our bathrooms tend to be quite neutral, so adding colour through towels is an achievable task anyone can do.

In a perfect world, it would be great to have matching towels, but if the towels you have are still in great condition, don’t update all the towels. Just change the hand towel and choose one which will match with your existing linen.

colourful print hand towels from kmart the plumbette

I bought some hand towels from Kmart for this very reason. I find hand towels wear out quicker due to their high frequency in use. When they need to be replaced, they can be reused to clean around the home.

cockatoo hand towel kmart

I personally think the brighter the better when it comes to choosing a hand towel. It’s a fun way to add a bit of art to your bathroom, without placing anything on the walls.

I also think they make a delightful gift with some hand soap for the hard-to-buy for or as a house warming present.

Whether you’re after some towel upgrades to your own bathroom, or looking for ways to update the bathroom without spending anything on the fixtures, consider these colourful print hand towels.

Colourful Print Hand Towels

1. Sage and Clare Maelle Hand Towel $45.00

sage and clare maelle hand towel

2. Flamingo Hand Towel Multicoloured $39.00

flamingo multicoloured hand towel

3. Home Republic Tropicana Hand Towels Pack of 2 $9.99

Home republic tropicana hand towels

4. Kmart 2 Pack Safari Hand Towels $5.00

Kmart Safari colourful print hand towels

5. Kmart 2 Pack Leopard Hand Towels $5.00

pink leopard hand towels

6. Flinders Hand Towel Orange $9.95

flinder hand towel colourful print7. Bird and Tree Cotton Hand Towel Set of 4 $89.00

colourful bird print hand towel

8. Moon Rock Hand Towel $14.95

moon rock  hand towel

9. Home Republic Zanzinski Navy Pack of 2 Hand Towels $9.99

navy print hand towels

10. Kmart Cockatoo Hand Towels Pack of 2 $5.00

cockatoo print hand towels

Check this post if you’re needing inspiration on where to hang a hand towel in your bathroom.

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