How to Make a Copper Pipe Christmas Tree Decoration

Copper Pipe Christmas Tree Decoration

Copper pipe has many uses than just carrying potable water and gas. The pipe itself can be fashioned into a range of projects.

I had another cool idea, that I got my dad to work on to keep him busy since he’s retired. I told dad my design and he went to work to create it. I made another decoration myself, and it was easy to do.

Today, I’m going to share the steps involved in making your very own copper pipe Christmas Tree decoration.

This might even be a great project for the apprentices so they can practice their measuring and pipe cutting skills. Most plumbers will have spare copper pipe lying in the back of their truck. Those small pieces that roll around in the tray are perfect for this project.

Any brown or black marks from oxidization are welcome when making this Christmas tree. It adds to the industrial look. Of course if you want your tree to shine a bright copper, you will need to use Brasso to polish it up and add a lacquer to prevent the pipe going black.

How to make a copper pipe christmas tree

How to make a copper pipe Christmas tree decoration

Firstly you will need at least 240mm or 24cm of 15mm (quarter inch) copper pipe, measuring tape, copper pipe cutters or hack saw, araldite and string.

How to make a copper pipe tree decoration

Measure 6 pieces of pipe and cut accordingly. You will need:

1 – 60mm piece

1 – 50mm piece

1 – 40mm piece

2 – 30mm pieces

1 – 20mm piece

1 – 10mm piece.

measure copper pipe

Measure using a measuring tape and mark using a chubbie lead pencil. Cut the pipes to length with copper cutters or a hack saw. Copper cutters are preferred as they will give a nicer edge to the pipe and limit burring.

cut copper pipe


cut copper pipe

Compile your cut pieces of copper pipe into the shape of a tree. Use one of the 30mm pieces to be the stump of the tree.

Copper Pipe Christmas Tree

Use Araldite or a glue that will bind copper/metal surface together. You could weld the pieces together, but the tree will turn black.

glue coper pieces together

Glue each piece together methodically starting from the top. Use a tray to sit your Christmas Tree on so it can dry.

Glue copper pipe tree together

Feed through a key ring or piece of brown twine to hang your decoration.

Copper Pipe Tree Decoration


Copper Pipe Chrismas Tree Decoration

Once complete, it’s ready to hang on the tree. The copper really stands out against the green foliage.

What decorations have you made for Christmas this year?