Diffusers For All Interior Styles

diffusers for interior styles

This post offers diffusers for all interior styles so you can keep a cohesive look, but also get the benefits of aromatherapy in your home.

Aromatherapy is an important part of home styling.

The presence of candles, reeds and the old-fashioned pot-pourri were key ways to create  a home that smelled inviting.

But now the diffuser is a major player in home decorating. There are diffusers for all interior styles, available in a variety of designs and colours.

Scent and ambient light are key components in arousing mood within a space. Who doesn’t want to walk into a home that smells as good as it looks?

No matter what style your home interior is, there will be a diffuser to complement it. Here are selection of diffusers to consider for the main popular interior styles.

Diffusers For All Interior Styles

diffusers for all interior styles


Scandi style is a minimal interior style which incorporates natural materials to create a light colour palette. The light timber finish on these diffusers will fit in perfectly with a Scandi styled home.

Diffusers for all interior styles - scandi
From left to right: Lively Living Ultra Bloom Wood Look Ultrasonic Diffuser $99.95, Devanti Aromatherapy Diffuser $40.95, Milano Decor Ulstrasonic Aroma Diffuser in Light Wood Grain $28 (on sale)


Anything can go with contemporary styling as it’s a constant evolving interior trend. Whatever is in at the moment is classed as contemporary style. Choose a streamlined shape and or one defined like a vase to blend in with this interior style.

Contemporary Diffusers
From left to right: Lively Living Aroma Dune $89.95, Milano Decor Ultrasonic USB Diffuser $20 (on sale), Alycon 160ml Kyoshi Tear Drop Ultrasonic Diffuser $119


The Hamptons home is a timeless interior style that promotes relaxed, coastal living.

The palette incorporates splashes of blue with a white base.

Texture plays a heavy part in bringing this style to life with linens, coral decorative pieces and glass accents to allow the neutral colour scheme shine through. Choose white diffusers with texture for this interior style.

hamptons style diffusers
From left to right: Ellia by Homedics Gather Ultrasonic Diffuser $93, Alcyon Sol Ultrasonic Diffuser $109.95, Milano Decor Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser in White $28 (on sale)


The industrial home has an urban yet raw edge. It takes its design straight from warehouses or old factories. The key components are basic construction materials which are put on display, and not concealed by walls. Choose dark timber or metallic diffusers which will work cohesively with this interior style.

Industrial style diffusers
From left to right: Milano Ultrasonic Diffuser in Black $28 (on sale), Homedics Balance Ultrasonic Diffuser in Grey $47.20 (on sale), Lively Living Aroma Elm Ultrasonic Vaporiser $89.95

Diffusers can come in range of shapes and colours to suit the interior style of your home. It’s easy to add one to your home interior, all you need to ensure is it is near a power point so you can benefit from the scent it brings to your space.

What diffusers do you use in your home?

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