Home Decorating for Easter

easter home decorating 2020

Home decorating for Easter can be a full on affair or just a few simple eggs and bunnies added to your interior.

I never got into Easter decorating until we had kids. But it’s a tradition I get into it each year because  it temporarily changes the home in anticipation for the new season of autumn.

Home decorating for Easter

I use the same decorations each year, but display them differently depending on how I’m feeling.

This year, I’ve got my centerpiece, a few egg decorations hung from plants around the place and a green moss bunny, which balances all the colour.

Easter home decorating centerpiece

I don’t put chocolate eggs out until Easter Sunday because they NEVER last! Not in our house anyway.

The main culprit is me! I just can’t stop at one egg. I have to have a few. Or the whole packet. Oops.

The girls and I have done a few Easter crafts. We even did a video for work to show how to make Easter Egg Flowers, turn an empty toilet roll into a bunny and make a bunny whiskers and nose prop.

Easter nose and toilet roll bunny craft

The ebb and flow in our house during Easter has been one of chaos with craft supplies everywhere, and then one of calm with a clean and spotless kitchen. We roll from one thing to the next to keep ourselves entertained.

messy kitchen with Easter craft
Messy kitchen from doing Easter craft
rare clean kitchen with herbs on the window sill
A picture of a clean kitchen in it’s rarity

It just so happened all my shifts for work fell perfectly so I could have 6 days off over Easter. But Jacob has been working overtime so it worked out for me to be home with the girls over this time.

Tomorrow we will wake to see what the Easter bunny has delivered, eat hot cross buns for breakfast, attend church virtually and then have an Easter egg hunt in the house. I’m looking forward to it and so are the kids.

Do you decorate your home for Easter? What Easter Home Decorating do you do?