How to Make a Copper Pipe Star Light

Copper Pipe Star Light

If you have any lone pieces of copper pipe, why not make a copper pipe star light?

I love seeing Christmas lights at this time of year. I personally think lights add that special something to Christmas décor and a tree can look bare without some sort of fairy lights.

christmas lights on tree and stockings hung on window

I’m excited to share this DIY Copper Pipe Star Light project with you. I was inspired by a similar project made using sticks and I thought I could replicate the same look, using copper pipe.

How to make a copper pipe star light

Of course, I commissioned my dad to create the star using copper pipe he had at home. I sent the plans and picture of what I was after and he went to work.

We decided the best lengths to use for this project was 400mm (40cm), but you can choose whatever length you like, making it bigger or smaller depending on where you are going to display your light.

I chose to use 100mm (10cm) pieces to show how to create the star shape.


This is what you will need:

2 meters of 15mm Copper Pipe

Copper cutters or Hack Saw

Epoxy Adhesive

Measuring tape

Zip Ties


Chubby Pencil

Typo Copper Wire Lights

What you will need to make copper pipe star light

Instructions: How to Make a Copper Pipe Star Light

You will need to measure and cut your pieces of pipe. You will need 5 lengths of 15mm copper pipe at 400mm (40cm) long each. You can use whatever lengths you like, but this is the perfect size for wrapping 3m of wire lights.

measuring copper pipe

Once you have cut your 5 pieces, it’s time to put them together to create the star shape. I have used 100mm (10cm) lengths to show you how to create the star shape.

Copper pipe star light

You will need to indent one of the crossover pieces to ensure a better fit.

copper pipe star light


Copper Pipe star light

Glue the meeting ends in place and use zip ties to hold the star in place.

Copper Star light with Zip Ties

Once the glue has dried, cut the zip ties off and wrap around your copper wire fairy lights. These can be bought from Typo for $19.95. Make a note to check the colour of the lights. We originally bought pink lights and didn’t realise our mistake until we turned the lights on.

snip zip ties


Twinkle Lights


Wrap Copper Lights around pipe


Copper Pipe Star Light


Copper Pipe Light with Pink Lights

Once we got the right lights, they made all the difference in the look I was wanting to achieve.

Copper Pipe Star light right lights


copper pipe lights


Copper Pipe Lights

What do you think? To keep the copper from going black, you will need to add a lacquer or use Brasso to shine the copper up.

Do you make your own decorations at Christmas?

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