How to Make a Succulent Pot

how to make a succulent pot

It’s been more than 6 months since we made our succulent pot and I am proud to say the succulents are thriving in their new home at our front door.

It’s been my desire for a few years to have pot plants near our entrance to give our front door curb appeal. I shared about our front door update in the Summer 18/2019 issue of Handyman Magazine.

I’ve always loved succulents, but have never had success growing them indoors. They certainly like the sun and are definitely a plant that needs to be outdoors. As part of our front door update, I wanted to make a succulent pot.

succulent pot

We chose our cauldron like pot from Bunnings as it had a perfect opening to group our succulents together.

Instead of filling the entire pot with succulents, we chose white pebbles to intermix between the plants. This was to fill the space, but also to save money. While succulents are cheap, it can be an expensive exercise buying a few to group together especially when they are $7-10 per plant. If you propagate them, the project will be relatively inexpensive, but we didn’t have any leaves to propagate nor the time to wait, so off to the nursery we went to choose our succulents.

Tips on how to make a succulent pot

• Choose a pot with a hole and fill the bottom of the pot with pebbles or gravel to allow for drainage. Succulents don’t like their roots to be wet.

• Place the pot in a well–lit sunny spot. Succulents can grow in shade, but they must have access to sunlight. We placed our pot closest to the sun at our front door.

succulent pot in sun

• Fill the pot with Cacti and Succulent potting mix.

• Water every 2-4 weeks. Succulents are drought tolerant but do need water to survive. The pebbles do help in protecting the potting mix go dry.

• Choose a variety of succulents to mix together. I went with all types of colours, heights and textures. I just went with the flow and chose what I liked grouped together. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to group together.

succulent potsucculent potflowering succulents

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