I put my Christmas Tree up in November and I’ve got no Regrets

christmas tree up in November

We’ve gone against tradition and have had our Christmas Tree up for over week now. And I have no regrets putting our Christmas Tree up in November.

christmas tree up in Novemeber

With the way the years, months and days seem to fly by, I want to get as much enjoyment out of the tree as possible. December will most likely be gone in a blink if this year is anything to go by.

It’s also served me well for Christmas content ready to be published this month, and shared early December.

Rainbow Christmas Tree

This year, we went with a rainbow theme. The rule was to not have to buy any decorations with whatever theme we chose. I thought we would have enough baubles to make our own take on a rainbow, but we needed a few red and silver baubles to fill in the gaps. These were pretty cheap to purchase anyway and will most likely be used in the future too.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

We’ve also set up the advent calendars. We have two this year. A LEGO Friends calendar and one I bring out each year and fill up with lollies. The girls will take turns opening the LEGO calendar and on the days they don’t open the LEGO, they can open the tree one. This way it’s a win win win for all. Well I’m hoping.

Christmas tree advent calendar

Last year we didn’t do an advent calendar because we were away for half of December in the US. It’s crazy to realise nearly a year has passed since we did that trip.

Boho Pom Pom Christmas Trees Decor
My Boho Pom Pom trees are back out again too. They match well with our colourful décor and planters.

Christmas decorating at the front door

Our front door has also received the Christmas treatment with wreaths and a Christmas mat. I use Fusion-Loc hooks to hang my wreaths and stockings. They leave no residue and work on most non-porous surfaces.

All that’s left now are the Christmas lights out the front. I’m going to leave that job for my wonderful husband to do.

Do you put your Christmas Tree up in November? Or do you go with tradition and wait till December?