My Latest Budget Buys to Add Something New to my Home Interior

My Latest Budget Buys to Add Something New to my Home Interior

If you’re looking for some inexpensive ways to update your home, I thought I’d share my latest budget buys that have added something new to my home interior.

new buys for my home interior

These days, when I see something I love – even when it’s on sale, I will sit on it and see if I really need it. I often have a running list in my head of things to check on when they go on sale. It can be so easy to go to Kmart and add things to the trolley because they are so cheap and look so good. But then after a while, you realise you don’t really love them or need them in the first place. Have you done the same?

Anyway, we have a big trip to America at the end of the year, which we need to save our money for and so I have told my girls we’re to be more mindful of what we’re spending our money on. I’m a sucker for spoiling my girls with a Kinder Surprise here or a random, crappy itty bitty toy there. Those little purchases add up!

I headed to Target with my older two girls to get something specific for back to school and walked past the cushions in the homewares section. I noticed the cushions I really liked that I shared on Facebook before Christmas were still available. And a different type of linen cushion had been reduced to $8. I picked them off the shelf, and the girls reminded me about our money challenge… and so I placed them back on the shelf and we continued on our way.

I knew I’d be going back to get those cushions,  (HA!) without the girls, because I bought a pom pom throw from Woolworths last year and hadn’t found the right cushions to match. I knew these linen cushions would go well with it. And for $8 each… I couldn’t complain about the price when they fit the brief of what I had needed. And I think they match perfectly.

home interior update linen cushions
Notice my side is nicely set up, and my husband’s is tossed on…

Home Interior Bedroom Update

While I was at Target, I also bought this cushion, which I had hoped someone would get for me for Christmas, but no one did. There were only 3 cushions left at my local store, and none at another store, so I knew it was now or never to get one. I was delighted to only pay half price when I headed to the checkout.

home interior update Target Cushion

Home interior update Target Cushion

target cushion update

The third thing I needed to look at was a new bath mat or two. I had purchased new bath mats from Kmart a year or two ago and the outside border had started to unravel from constant use. I headed to Pillow Talk and found these bath mats which I have had my eye on for a while. They had been reduced to $11.97 each. Only the grey was available in my local store. I managed to get two grey ‘Hello Beautiful’ mats and one ‘Pick Your Towel Up’ mat, which will be kept for the future, when my girls can fully read!

Hello beatiful bath mat home interior

hello beautiful bath mat home interior

pick your towel up bath mat home interior

Right now there are sales on at a number of different stores. Pillow Talk has a flash sale of up to 70% off this weekend, in store only. It’s a good time to purchase and replace anything that is falling apart or needs to be updated.

I’m happy with my purchases and it only cost me $61. I might make that cost up by selling a few older pieces on Facebook Marketplace. And that deserves its own post in itself because it’s been a very interesting experience.

Have you taken advantage of any sales at the moment? Bought anything new for your home interior recently that you’ve had your eye on?

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