Laundry Kmart Hack: Styling my Laundry on a Budget

Laundry Kmart Hack budget styling

When I got a call from the producer of the Today show last Friday morning, I knew I needed to invest in a laundry Kmart hack, or two.

The report was about laundry powders, so the set was going to be my laundry, which is quite minimal and has no styling whatsoever.

I have no bench space, no shelves, but a tall cupboard where I hide my laundry powder and fabric softener. It’s also the cupboard which accumulates with random cleaners I no longer use.

Knowing my laundry was going to be on the news, I needed to give it a quick update. I do plan to add cabinetry and a bench to make it a more practical space. But I didn’t have time nor the funds to do a complete overhaul on the weekend, so a laundry Kmart hack had to do.

Laundry Before

This is what my laundry looked like before

laundry before styling

laundry before kmart hack

Laundry After

And my laundry after…

after laundry kmart hack

The first piece I bought from Kmart was the bamboo duck board. I measured my tub before purchasing in case it wouldn’t be long or wide enough. It fit perfectly on my laundry tub. (Thank you to the Kmart mums who shared this hack a year ago. It gave me a mini bench space!)

Laundry Kmart Hack Duck Board

Next, I emptied my washing powder into the Glass Wash Jar. I added a pink scoop from one of the empty Napisan canisters I had in my cupboard.

kmart laundry hack

I added a plant to an existing plant pot I owned. It’s a Clusia Rosea ‘Princess’, which tolerates medium to well-lit indoor areas. I’ve never had this plant before, so shall see how it survives in my laundry. I placed these, and a scrubber brush on a black tray on the bamboo board.

kmart laundry hack

The open weave laundry basket, herringbone mat (with rubber grip underneath) and water hyacinth pot holding a lady palm, completed the look.

Laundry styling on a budget

I’m not sure how much of my styling will be in the footage (possibly none of it). But I’m loving the look and having the washing powder in reach has been easier on my back!

after laundry kmart hack

I’ve listed all the items I used and their prices. The whole look came together for approximately $113, including plants. The Kmart items came in at $73.

laundry styling on a budget with kmart

  1. Glass Wash Jar $8.50
  2. Perforated Round Tray $7.50
  3. Scrubber Brush $3.00
  4. Open Weave Laundry Basket $17.00
  5. Bamboo Duck Board $15.00
  6. Herringbone Mat $10.00
  7. Water Hyacinth Pot $12.00

If you’re looking to update your laundry, definitely head to Kmart. I’m happy with how it turned out and even Esther said our laundry looks like new.

laundry kmart hacklaundry kmart hack duckboardHave you jumped on the laundry Kmart hack board? Got any favourite Kmart Hacks to share?