Make Your Own Australian Native Flower Arrangement

Make your own Australian Native Flower Arrangement

Do you love an Australian Native Flower Arrangement? I do. My appreciation and love for Australian native flowers has been inspired from creating craft posts for May Gibbs.

May Gibbs Petal Headband

I love having a bouquet of flowers in the home, and usually I buy them  from Woolworths or receive them for a special occasion.

I’ve needed Australian natives to style the craft posts. I’m grateful our gardens have an array of Australian natives planted. I was also inspired by a Facebook post by Stagency on adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom by adding a vase of flowers.

And so, I’ve explored my own garden to make my own Australian native flower arrangement.

By law, you aren’t supposed to cut flowers or trees on public land – including parks. It’s best to speak to your local council for approval before you cut any stems.

Here’s how you can make your own Australian Native Flower Arrangement

(I’m not a florist and in no way a pro, but this will guide you as you bunch your flowers and leafy stems together)


  • Secateurs
  • Flowers, leaves and branches for your arrangement (buy from Woolworths or look in your own garden)
  • Vase
  • Water
  • Aspirin or flower food (can also use Vinegar and Sugar)


1. Gather your flowers and leafy branches. In this bouquet I’ve gone with Grevillea, Magnolia Leaves and Gum Nuts which I found on the ground at the local park – NOTE none of this was taken from someone’s garden. It was from the front of my house in our garden or retrieved from the ground.

Australian native flowers for an arrangement

2. Put your flowers and bulky natives in the middle and surround the flowers with the leafy greens.

3. Select a vase that will suit the arrangement. Neither of these vases worked for my bouquet.

glass vases

4. Use some brown string to tie the arrangement together so it doesn’t fall apart.

tie string around your arrangement

5. Cut the end stems on an angle.

6. Pour water into vase and add flower food (I used an aspirin, but you can also use vinegar and water)

7. Place the flowers in the vase and admire.

make your own australian native flower arrangement

The Grevillea only lasted a week. If I had put a Banksia in, I’m sure it would have lasted longer.

Australlian native flower arrangement

It didn’t bother me how long they lasted because it was all from my garden anyway.

Do you like having flowers in your house for Spring? What are your favourite blooms?