My Corner Desk Space In The Master Bedroom

corner desk space

It may surprise you to learn I have two workspaces in our house. I converted the lounge room (which we rarely used) to an open office space when we found out we were pregnant with Phoebe. But I also have a corner desk space in the master bedroom.

corner desk space in the master bedroom

The reason for the two spaces was specifically for my job. I had to have an office where a door could be closed and privacy could guaranteed.

My open office was not going to work, although after having a home assessment, I was told we could have made it work if it could be blocked with a screen. This option didn’t eliminate noise. Our open plan house means noise can be quite loud. I needed a space that was quiet and could be away from the sound of my children so I could concentrate.

When we went to create a corner desk space in the master bedroom, Jacob and I had to swap furniture from one side of the room to the other.

We also rang our electrician to set up outlets for a phone line and the internet in our bedroom. This was originally in our kitchen and had been an eyesore on the kitchen bench.

electrical connections for corner desk space
The space before we got the furniture

It was around this time last year I started working from home in my new corner workspace and I love it.

corner desk space

I wanted it to look minimal. I made some key decisions on furniture and tech equipment to utilise the small amount of space. I chose an all in one computer and opted for a wireless mouse and keyboard.

corner desk space

The chair is a new addition as I have been wheeling my current office chair from one desk to the other. I had my eye on tan leather office chair from West Elm. But the $400 price tag was a bit hard to swallow, so when I saw Kmart had a PVC style for $59, I opted for this one instead.

corner desk space tan leather chair

My corner workspace is minimal and I’ve styled it to suit the rest of the bedroom. It’s a space I look forward to working in.

shelfie desk style
The plan was to eventually have one workspace… but so far the setup is working well. I like knowing what I have to concentrate on at one desk and where my focus needs to be at the other.

Corner Desk Space

Desk and Filing Cabinet: Fantastic Furniture
Corkboard: Kmart
Floor Rug: Spotlight (similar)
Office Chair: Kmart

Setting up the space including furniture and computers was just under $1700.