Planter Pouches for Storage and Indoor Plants

colourful planter pouches for the home

I love my planter pouches around the house. They add colour and pattern to the interior of my home.

a selection of planter pouches in my home

They also make it easy to use with plants – just stick the potted plant in, unlike ceramic pots where you have to take out the plant from the plastic pot to plant. And this can be a messy process – well it is when I do it.

favourite planter pouch for zanzibar gem

The planter pouches are also ideal for storage. I use another in my bathroom to hold hairbrushes and clips.

If you don’t know what to buy someone as a gift, I reckon one of these is ideal. Who doesn’t love a new plant in their home?

planter pouches fun in colourful interior home

Here are some of my favourite planter pouches available this season. It’s very hard for me not to add to cart!

planter pouches for indoor plants

  1. Miss Pots Monochrome Pouch Small $10
  2. Rangy Rang Blue Tile Planter Pouch $19.50
  3. Tutti Fruitti Medium Planter $39
  4. Miss Pots Pom Pom Pouch $19.95 to $39.95
  5. Playful Pouch $20
  6. Miss Pots Palm Leaves Pouch $10-$20
  7. Modern Lover Small Planter $29
  8. Harlequin Small Planter $29
  9. Greenhouse Medium Planter $39

If you’re looking for other stores to purchase planter pouches, you can read this post.

Make sure you get the right sized pouch for your pot. They often come in sizes small, medium and large. Measure the diameter to get a good fit. You want the pouch to be roomy, but not too loose it flops down to reveal the black plastic pot underneath. Alternatively, you could repot your plant in a inner pot – but I like to avoid this.

For the Miss Pots and Etsy pouches, you will need a pot plate to catch water. Use a small plastic plate if you can’t find one at your plant store.  The Gorman pouches are waterproof inside so you won’t need one – although it can’t hurt as added water protection.

Are you a fan of planter pouches? Which ones are your faves from the ones I’ve sourced online?

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