Spruce Up Your Bathroom With These Modern Print Towels

Spruce Up Your Bathroom With These Modern Print Towels

After an easy and affordable way to spruce up your bathroom? Why not update the linen with some modern print towels?

They can add colour and interest to the plainest of bathrooms.

Texture, colour and a bit of detail can finish the bathroom and give it a styled, yet homely feel.

Check out how the patterned towels in these bathrooms add a finishing touch to the space.

Experts advise towels should be replaced every 2 years, or sooner if they don’t soak up moisture or start to smell.

All year round sales offer opportunities to replace towels for the whole family on a budget.

I always have one set out for use in the bathroom and a clean spare in the linen cupboard.

It’s always nice to have extra towels for guests. I also like to colour code my kids towels so I know who owns which towel.

If you’re in need to replace the towels in your bathroom, why not check out these options.

Modern Print Towels

The Plumbette Modern Print Towels for the bathroom

  1. Good Evening Cotton Towel $49.95
  2. Herringbone Bath Towel $61.95
  3. Van Gogh Fleurir Cotton Bathroom Towel $54.95
  4. Gingham Eucalyptus Bath Towel $39.99
  5. Green Pip Studio Bath Towel $44.95
  6. Ocean Stratton Cotton Bath Towel $59.95
  7. Van Gogh Blossom Cotton Bathroom Towel $54.95

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