Terrazzo Homewares – The Decor Trend to Overtake Marble

terrazzo homewares

Terrazzo homewares are the next big thing in home décor trends. We’ve seen it used in bathrooms, but now it’s also going to feature in homewares just like the marble trend a few years ago.


Can you remember when marble was the material of choice for homewares? I do! It seemed to be everywhere! It was used not only in benchtops, splashbacks, basins and tiles, it was created in homeware pieces like chopping boards, trivets, door stops and paper weights. I still have my marble cross trivet from Kmart in the kitchen.

It seems terrazzo homewares will do the same and trend in interior decorating. Having a small piece of terrazzo in your home may be the answer to incorporate this trend into your home.

Terrazzo homewares
Terrazzo dimple tray from Zanui

If I’m honest, whenever I see a bathroom featuring terrazzo tiles I cringe. To me, it’s old fashioned and reminds me of shopping center floors. I think it will date. But there are others who love it and can’t get enough. In fact, Pinterest has seen an increase in terrazzo searches online and it has rocketed past other interior trends searched for on the platform.


If I was to add some terrazzo in my home, it would be in the minimalist form of a décor piece.

terrazzo homewares clock
Terrazzo Clock from The Block Shop

I have done the research for you to find terrazzo homewares that can be incorporated into your home. My personal favourites are the Miss Pots Planter Pouch and Terrazzo Wall Clock. Oh and the soap. That’s probably the CHEAPEST way to add Terrazzo to your bathroom without renovating it.

Terrazzo homewares

  1. Astral Shower by Wary Meyers Soap $24
  2. Miss Pots Terrazzo Planter Pouch $28-$38
  3. Terrazzo Dimple Tray $89.95
  4. Dusk Terrazzo White Pillar Candle Holder $25
  5. Terrazzo Poster Moon Mint $24
  6. Capra Designs Terrazzo Clock $155
  7. Linen House Terrazzo Quilt Cover Set $59
  8. Mezze Terrazzo Coaster Amalfi Set of 4 $14.95

So tell me, are you a fan of Terrazzo? Would you add any Terrazzo homewares to your home?

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