Is It Time to Replace Your Nasty Toilet Brush?

replace nasty toilet brush

Is it time to replace your nasty toilet brush in your home? Check out these new styles to update this most worked utensil in the bathroom. 

One of my pet hates when going into commercial or public toilets is seeing the skanky, brown bristles of the toilet brush. It barely sits in the holder with its brown bristles on display for all to see.

The state of many toilet brushes in homes are like an overused toothbrush that has bristles going any which way. There could even be bits in the bristles no one needs to see.

While it may be a hard-working utensil in your home, it doesn’t have to look well used and past it’s use by date. Hide the evidence of a well used toilet brush, people.

kmart toilet brush holder
Our main toilet with a Kmart toilet brush and holder.

Which toilet brush is best?

I’ve owned a few toilet brushes in my time. I’ve purchased an expensive toilet brush from a plumbing supplier to the cheap and modern from Kmart.

I tend to go for somewhere in between because I don’t want to constantly replace the toilet brush and it’s better for the environment if you buy right once and clean it regularly.

I’m a fan of the toilet brushes with a high lid. The brush is contained, can be easily cleaned and is easier to place back in the holder, unlike the balancing ones.

These types of toilet brush holders do accumulate with water so regular cleaning of the brush is required. I add a few drops of essential oil to the cannister to keep it clean.

Toilet brushes can come in a variety of different styles. There are ones where the brush bristles are black and they sit in an open vessel (would not put these in bleach to clean).

Choose what will work with your bathroom décor and will scrub the toilet bowl best.

Metal or bamboo toilet brush holders are the best with kids. If it falls over, it won’t break like the ceramic ones do.

I’ve found some stylish toilet brushes online that will do the job and still look good after scrubbing away.

Stylish Toilet Brushes

Home Republic Helsinki White Black Toilet Brush Holder $39.99

Adairs marble look toilet brush holder

Joseph Joseph Flex Toilet Brush with Slim Holder $29.95

Joseph Joseph Flex toilet brush

2 Piece Natural Toilet Brush Holder Set $24.95

Natural bamboo toilet brush set

2 Piece Brilliant Steel Brabantia Toilet Brush Holder Set $44.95

steel Toilet Brush Set


Umbra Toilet Brush in Black $39.99

Umbra toilet brush holder set in black

Kmart Bamboo Toilet Brush $12

Kmart Toilet Brush set

When was the last time you replaced your toilet brush? Do you get repulsed by the state of some toilet brushes in public toilets?

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