Where To Get Stylish Fabric Plant Pouches For Indoor Pot Plants

Where To Get Stylish Fabric Plant Pouches For Indoor Pot Plants

I often get asked where I get my stylish fabric plant pouches from when visitors come over.

stylish fabric plant pouches

I have them displayed in our living room, dining room and under our alfresco area. I’m a fan of the fabric plant pouches because they are easy to slip over an existing pot plant and there is often more variety in colour and pattern compared to ceramic pots. They are often much cheaper too.

miss pots fabric plant pouch

I have a few fabric plant pouches around my home and I have mainly bought them from Miss Pots Pouches or homeware stores. They can be a little harder to find than ceramic planters, but today I’m sharing a list of places where you can get your fabric plant pouches.

I prefer them to a pot because they are easy to slip on and off a plant pot. You just need to have a plastic saucer underneath to catch water to avoid the pouch getting wet and going mouldy. Some of the planter pouches are waterproof inside, or are made from a fast drying material.

From experience, white planter pouches show dirt more, where as the hessian and colourful patterned pouches disguise watermarks.

Here are six places to try for fabric plant pouches

Miss Pots Pouches

miss pots fabric plant pouches

Luxe Living Co

animal print luxe living planter pouches

Gorman Homewares

gorman planter pouch bag

Rangy Rang

Rangy rang planter pouch

Jazz It Up Homewares

jazz it up planter pouch

Restore Grace

restore grace planter pouch

There are various stores on Etsy that also sell hand made plant pouches. I’ve seen some at Kmart and Target in the past too, but they do sell out quickly.

Where do you get your fabric plant pouches from? Or do you prefer plant pots for your indoor plants?

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