Make an Easy Christmas Tree Fruit Platter

an easy christmas tree fruit platter

This easy Christmas Tree Fruit Platter saved me a lot of hassle yesterday when I had to be at two places at once and time was not on my side. The photos were taken in the early morning daylight, so they aren’t the best, but they show what you need to see.

I generally love Christmas time and making a festive platter for all the end of year ‘bring a plate to share’ events. I usually share these ideas on Be a Fun Mum, but will hopefully compile a blog post with all of them together.

With the extreme heat in Brisbane this week, the chocolate treats I’d usually do, weren’t going to cut it. Plus I didn’t have the time to fiddle around with chocolate.

Easy Christmas tree fruit platter

Easy Christmas Tree Fruit Platter

So enter, my easy Christmas Tree Fruit Platter. It took me minutes to put together and was easy to transport from home to Kindy.


  •  1/4 Watermelon
  •  1/4 Rockmelon
  •  1 Strawberry
  •  Small Grapes
  • Blueberries


The method is pretty self explanatory, but basically I placed the watermelon wedges first on the platter to create a tree shape.

watermelon Christmas tree fruit platter

I used a star fondant cutter to cut out the rockmelon shapes and placed these accordingly. Excess fruit was cut up into my older two’s lunchbox that day.

Easy Christmas Tree Fruit Platter

I cut a strawberry in five sections and placed into a star shape at the top. I also scattered small grapes and blueberries for the ‘baubles’.

an Easy christmas tree fruit platter

Super easy and it was well received on a hot, Kindy day.

Easy Christmas tree fruit platter festive entertaining

I usually cut grapes in half when I serve them to kids, but I purposefully picked off the small grapes which were blueberry size to avoid any choking mishaps.

What is your signature platter when you have to bring a plate to share?