Strawberries and Chocolate Waffle Stack

Strawberries and Chocolate Waffle Stack

For brunch this morning I made all of us a Strawberries and Chocolate Waffle Stack.

Strawberries and Chocolate Waffle Stack

And when I mean I made it – I actually bought all the ingredients and whacked it together.

Earlier this week, I went to the shops TWICE to sort out gear for my eldest daughter’s first school camp.

For a treat, I enjoyed Oliver Brown’s Chocolate Waffles. I took a picture (as you do) to share on social media. I never shared it, but my youngest saw the picture on my phone and asked if we could have it for afternoon tea.

I negotiated for Brunch instead as a way to celebrate Esther coming home from school camp.

With strawberries down to $1 a punnet and our farmers urging us to buy more strawberries, how could I not replicate what I’d enjoyed earlier on in the week?

Ingredients for Strawberries and Chocolate Waffle Stack

Melted Chocolate – I bought a block of Cadbury chocolate and melted in in the microwave for 30 second bursts


Pre-made Waffles – I buy the café style from the bakery aisle. I could only get choc chip ones but they worked perfectly

Vanilla Ice Cream


After toasting the waffles, assemble with a layer of strawberries.

Add strawberries to choc chip waffle

Drizzle melted chocolate and add more strawberries if you wish.

Drizzle melted chocolate

Dollop a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle more chocolate over the waffles and plate. Sprinkle strawberries on top.

chocolate strawberries waffles

Mine had more chocolate on the ice cream.

Chocolate strawberries waffles

Bon Appetit!

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