vanessa bean vases giveaway

Tips on How to Get a Vanessa Bean Vase PLUS a Giveaway

For the last year and a bit I have been trying to purchase a Vanessa Bean vase.

I became aware of the vases when Chris from The Life Creative shared about the designs created by Vanessa Holle and subsequently ran a giveaway on one of the vases, which I did not win.

From that day, each month I tried to buy one of the vases to no avail.

When it came to my birthday last year, I was sitting in the nursing home carpark to visit Jacob’s Nanna and Poppa and I waited for the right time when the next release of vases were uploaded onto the Vanessa Bean Etsy shop. I chose the vase I wanted, went to check out and put my credit card details in and someone snatched it out of my checkout basket. I was disappointed.

The vases are known to sell out within minutes – sometimes seconds when they are uploaded onto Etsy.

The vases can’t be custom ordered. They must be purchased through Etsy and the release date and time varies each month to make sure everyone around the world has a turn at purchasing one of these vases.

The fact that I have been trying for the last year and a bit shows you how difficult it can be to purchase a vase.

Until I got a little tech savvy and read advice from other happy owners who had been able to nab a vase in the ‘sales rush’.

Tips on How to Get a Vanessa Bean Vase

First thing I did was download the Etsy app onto my phone.

Next, I opened the app using Jacob’s account. Jacob has purchased items for me before on his account and his visa card details are stored from the previous sale. This is vital to ensure a quick sale.

I added Vanessa Bean’s Shop as a favourite in the app. I liked some of the products too so I could easily get to the store when the time came for purchase.

The third thing I did was wait for the announcement of vases available. Vanessa shares this information on Instagram and then links a preview of the vases available for sale on her webpage. In June, the day of release was on a Friday at 10am. I set the alarm on my iPhone to 9:57am.

The moment my alarm went off, I watched that clock like a hawk on my phone. The second the time changed from 9:59am to 10am, I went straight onto the app, refreshed the feed and chose the vase I wanted. With a few clicks, the vase was mine. I was stunned how quickly I was able to make my purchase. I FINALLY HAD MY VANESSA BEAN VASE! YAY!

Vanessa bean orange vase

Vanessa Bean Vase giveaway

After my success, I decided to try and buy another vase, thinking it would disappear from my cart like the previous vases had. And… I ended up buying ANOTHER!
I couldn’t believe it! I had nearly given up on getting a vase and the day I made a plan of attack, I got two!

vanessa bean vases in home decor

I’m loving my vase and bought it in time for my Birthday. The orange goes perfectly with our artwork and I’m a fan of vibrant interior décor. It makes me happy.

vanessa bean vases home decor
When I received my vases, I wondered whether I really needed two. And honestly, I’m happy with my one vase at the moment. So I have decided to giveaway the second vase I accidentally purchased.

Vanessa Bean vase with toothbrushes

An alternate way to use the vase if you didn’t want to add flowers…

This vase is pretty much one of a kind. The demand for these vases is incredible.

Vanessa Bean vase giveaway

But you have the chance to win this vase and give it a home.


In order to be in the running for this vase, please enter via the Rafflecopter below and then tell me what you love about this Vanessa Bean vase and why you need it in your life in the comments. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.
There is 1 prize as detailed above with a RRP $85.
Entries open from 12am Brisbane time Friday 14 July 2017 to Friday 4th August 2017 12am Brisbane Time.
Prizes are not transferable or changeable.
Prize sent out will not be replaced in the event they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit or virtually.
Entry is leaving an answer to the question and entering the Rafflecopter widget.
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  • Lauren Roney

    So so so incredibly generous of you babe!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday xxx your spoiling us

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    It is gorgeous and so unique. I love bringing flowers in from the garden, and I would love this little piece on my table. That little calming face would remind me to be a little more mindful while seated there too. Thank you Rebecca for being such a generous soul x

  • Nikki

    Okay so this time of year I am a flower nut! I mean all year I am but something about fresh summer wild flowers I can’t get enough of. Like you I love very vibrant bold colorful artwork threw out my home. I actually seen the vase in a flower shop in my town. I wanted it!! I told Diane at the flower shop that I would like this vase! She giggled and said, Oh no that was a very special gift from a friend. I Loved it and had to get me one. I didn’t know how wanted it really was and it actually look some digging to find. I put it in my (internet shopping bag) and shopped some more 2 times and realized this vase is very special and I might never get it. It wasn’t available most times I looked. I still havn’ t got one yet!
    I love this vase and the beautdoTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend of citrus and spice essential oils provides a cheerful boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down. will go with my home & art. I will keep trying! I would love to pass this vase down in my older years, As I hope my own daughter, and her daughter (hopefully) will share our passion for Art,and flowers like us.

  • I love your long term dedication to getting your Vanessa Bean vase. I’d never heard of them before but they are very cute. They do make me think of my friend Belinda as it is very much her style. And in her arty way, I wonder if she had one whether the VB base might end up with a Frida head piece arrangement? 🙂

  • Danielle Gergely

    I love this little vase! It’s the first time I’ve heard of them and this one kind of reminds me of a Dai Li sculpture of a little lady and I just love them both. There is no way I could ever own a Dai Li work but I’d love this vase to remind me!

  • novemberliss

    I was lucky enough to be given one of these beauties by my mum for my birthday 4 years ago, in the days before Vanessa’s work went stellar (there’s no way my lovely mum would be able to manage the technical wizardry required to get hold of one now!). I would love to see this little beauty sitting next to my Miss Lemonbutter but more than that I would like to see her in my mum’s home, to gift her her own Vanessa Bean! Cheers for the purchasing tips, I’ll be doing the same to hopefully get hold of another! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Melissa x

  • Kristina

    It’s really pretty & sweet. I’m not sure why but it makes me think of my childhood. I think because it’s just so pretty & simplistic. Thanks for making me smile.

  • Kathy Bowdlert

    I’ve been trying for almost a year to obtain a Vanessa Bean vase, I love the shape and ‘happy place’ look of them, she looks so contented. My sister has one, she got hers before they were so hard to get, she’s tried to get me one since with no luck, so I’ve copied and pasted your hints on getting one to share with my sister, she too has bought one before so I’m hoping like you her details will be there already.

  • I have seen these before and love the quirkiness of each piece! I like this piece as it doesn’t have a large block of colour and I think it would easier match our home decor. I love that the use is so versatile, I could add in some succulents so it looks like she is wearing a beautiful flower crown everyday OR I could put mondo grass and tie it with ribbon like a trolls dolls OR I could put some other fantabulous plant in it!! I have a bit of a tropical theme happening in my room and I think it could help bring some colour and love to my room, we have orange blue and purple cushions and colours in my quilt… if luckily chosen, know she would go to a well loved house

  • Melissa

    I love filling my home with quirky, original handmade pieces which is probably why I’m an Etsy tragic. The Vanessa Bean vase is bursting with personality and cuteness! I’d like to welcome it into my eclectic family where it will be treasured.

  • Judith Maunders

    I love the quaint , simple design of the vases. It would fit right into any household. And practical too – toothbrushes, flowers, feathers … fantastic. Should I be lucky enough to win, my issue is going to be how to keep it out of my daughter’s bedroom and somewhere in the house that the whole family (and visitors) can enjoy!

  • Vicki Scherer

    I love this vase has a beautiful calm face, the total opposite of my house at the moment. Having moved from the beautiful cold of South Australia to the sunshine of Queensland I’m surrounded by boxes and I still have no idea where some things are or where stuff has gone. To add this vase I feel the calmness hopefully will rub off on our house and help us create a home.

  • Paula Harris

    I love the facial expression… looks like it’s meditating or just closing out the world (like I’d like to be doing today)

  • Catherine Burns

    I like the style and when I look at it it makes me smile 😀

  • lisa conolley

    I like the originality and face, but its not a face. Its mesmerising.

  • Karina Lee

    It’s black and makes my bathroom look so modern and fancy pants.

  • Becky Male

    I love this stunning little lady! I would love to fill her with flowers to bring some beauty into my house and life! ☺️